Top Mistakes With Resistance Bands Training

Buying the resistance bands for training is even less than the first step. Until you don’t understand the basics of exercises and how different exercises need to be integrated into a workout session, results are far from achievable. The resistance bands further add to the woes of the people with their dynamic resistance. Though free … Read more

21 Practical Tips For Buying Resistance Bands

I understand the hassle of choosing between the hundreds of products related to the resistance bands. Investing hard-earned money only to realize later that you don’t need the bands you just bought is extremely painful.   Here I am going to provide the best practical tips before you buy resistance bands to avoid over expending. … Read more

Can We Use Resistance Bands In Swimming Pool

The resistance bands are quite different from their counterparts, such as dumbbells and barbells. We all understand that using dumbbells and barbells inside the swimming pool can corrode the steel rod over time. However, most of the people forget to understand that the resistance bands are also prone to corrosion from moisture. What! Please don’t … Read more

Resistance Bands Training vs. Body-weight Training

The bodyweight exercises are gaining momentum thanks to the rising Instagram and tik-tok trends. After all, we don’t need any specific gear to perform bodyweight exercises. Anyone and everyone are eligible to perform bodyweight exercises. However, the BIG QUESTION is that are bodyweight exercises as simple to perform as it looks to you. The answer … Read more

Resistance bands vs. Kettlebells – Which One To Choose | Must Read

The kettlebells and resistance bands are an essential part of strength conditioning. Both provide resistance, which is the primary ingredient to be fed to the muscles. So, getting confusion while choosing between the resistance bands and kettlebells is obvious. Here, I will begin with the most common differences between the two, which many of you … Read more