Doing Resistance Band Clam-Shell – A Right Way

The clamshell exercise is one of the prime reasons; people buy booty bands. Everybody knows a simple fact that the clamshell exercise is meant for glute strengthening. Is it more than enough! Really Not. Doing the strengthening and conditioning of the body is not only limited to knowing the body parts. There is a vast … Read more

Correct Ways To Do Sit-Ups With Resistance Bands

Sit-up is one of the most common exercises performed inside and outside the gym premises for abdominal muscles. It looks so simple that people often forget about the risk associated with this exercise, if not performed with the right technique. The resistance bands can assist people who are struggling to perform sit-ups and challenge the … Read more

How To Clean Booty Bands

The booty bands are one of the most popular types of resistance bands in the market, which are particularly famous for women. Here I am going to provide you one of the safest and tried methods for cleaning booty bands. Further, I will also discuss some of the common mistakes people do while cleaning resistance … Read more

Why Should I Use Resistance Bands In Squats

The squat exercise is one of the most common compound exercises which targets multiple muscle groups like quadriceps (front side of the thigh), glutes (hip muscles), abdominals, calf, and hamstrings. Squat requires concentration and coordination between the major and minor muscle groups to maintain the form throughout the workout. The abundance of benefits from squat … Read more