Is it ok to workout without any goals?


Is it ok to workout without any goals? 

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As per the title, I just wanna ask you, are goals so important for your fitness.

Do you workout without any goals?

The reason I am asking this question is that I recently met a guy at the nearby gym who is actually a dear friend of mine. When I asked him about his goal. He replied casually that he just enjoys coming to the gym, meeting people and workout.

He further elaborated on an insistence that ‘i is not gonna be a professional bodybuilder, so why to aim… Just workout and chill…’

I am sure more than 95% of people workout with the above thought process…

So what is the harm in it?

This kind of thinking works when the physical activities are embedded in your lifestyle just like you brush daily and bath daily (which I suppose though)

In good old days, when there were no automotive vehicles, online services, televisions, such physical activities were embedded deep into your life.

You could not afford to miss going to nearby shops on foot for groceries or pay bills standing in long queues at the landline and electricity offices. We also used to play outside for playing with friends due to limited sources of entertainment inside the house.

Then, your primary goals were to avail of life support services. The physical workout was just the by-product.

However, the scenario has completely changed since then. Now, you can live inside the house forever and survive without stepping out of the house by using a smartphone, good internet connection and get everything right at your doorsteps.

Now, in today’s advanced world, physical activities have become optional and not mandatory.

Physical activities are not the compulsion but a luxury which some opts and many just don’t…

So, ask yourself, can you sustain workouts that are completely optional without any goals consistently over your complete life cycle when there is no connection that can encourage your mind to push your body…

Setting goals has reached a new height of importance that you can’t maintain consistency unless you know how to set your goals.

The friend I just mentioned in the start of this discussion, is a regular absentee from the gym. Workouts for a few months, motivation strips out with each passing day.

With no goals in mind, technique and strategy suffer. Consistency suffers and so the results.

There is a famous quote from Sir Emil Zátopek who was the renowned long-distance runner with three gold medals in the 1952 summer Olympics in Helsinki




An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head’

In nutshell, Humans are driven by emotions and goals that make your mind engaged enough to push your body daily to achieve those dreams..’



Personally, whenever, I set my goals and deadline, I feel way more motivated and disciplined than other guys.

Sometimes, I would work out even at 11 pm in the night after a hectic day at my workplace in fear of missing deadlines for my goals.

The art of setting goals and achieving those is altogether a different subject matter which I shall bring in my upcoming episode…

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