Unique Cat Grooming Accessories You Can Buy Online

Top Six Unique Cat Grooming Accessories that You can buy online

As cat owners, it can be daunting task to groom cats with time being a key factor in today’s world. Here we understood your pain and shortlisted the unique must have Cat Grooming Accessories which can be a perfect gift to loving cats and their owners. 

Dual Sided Dematting Comb by Pat your Pet –

Dematting Comb For Cats

If your are the proud owner of cutest cat and dogs, this grooming tool is for you. We are often fascinated by soft and long shining hairs of your pet and flaunt them in front of your family and friends. 

The main concern as a pet owners, you may have to face is the downside of long hairs in terms of routine falling of pets hairs all over the floor and furniture. In technical terms, it is called shedding.

As Humans, we also sheds hairs in routine but take care of it by regular combing, massage and washing of hairs in routine. However, Cats and dogs don’t have such privilege. Their hairs and under skin behaves differently as compared to human. So they need special care and special tools. Dual sided Dematting comb is one such tool.


  • Dual headed teeths – There are nine teeths on one side for removing and untying hard to remove mats and tangles often found in long haired pets. The other head has 19 teeths for thinning and deshedding.
  • Will not hurt the underskin – The dual headed teeths are rounded from outer side to avoid any scratches or cuts when these teeths comes in contact with skin underneath the hairs.
  • No shedding –  It removes loose hairs easily and saves your precious time cleaning the hairs falling all over the house.
  • Improves blood circulation – The soft and rounded teeths massages the hairs of skin and spreads the natural oil of skin all over hairs thereby improving blood circulation

This amazing grooming brush ranks number 1 in Dog grooming rakes on amazon at the time of writing this article. It has 4.7 rating and comes with over 2000 reviews as a enough social proof for its quality. Click here to check out the details.

Pet wand  pro Dog shower Attatchment by Waterpik –

Brown color dog getting shower using Dog Shower Attatchment

This product has made to the list owing to its practical design and features which reduces your work by half easily. This attachment comes with slightly curved design  and 13 inch length.

The Pet wand pro comes with  narrow spray holes to provide gentle and narrow spray for sensitive areas of pet which can be set with help of round adjustable ring just below the shower holes.

The full spray along the length of 13 inch when switched on, easily covers the  width of pet’s body. Just wand the spray from front towards back of your pet’s body and its done.


  • Indoor/outdoor use – This attachment can easily get fitted over the existing shower as well as to the garden hose with the help of adapter included in the pack
  • Long flexible hose for extra reach – The flexible hose of 8 foot length is provided along with this attachment enough for your daily cores.
  • Suction Cup hook –  It comes with a unique hook which can be stuck over the wall with help of suction as per your convenience. Just hang the pet wand pro over this suction hook once  you have finished bathing of pet. Super convenient, isn’t it?
  • Spray adjustment – Just rotate the blue colored dial just below the spray area of attachment to switch from wide spray to narrow spray as per requirements.

This product has been rated 4.5 stars at the time of writing this article. Over 500 reviews are enough to say about its quality. Click here for details..

Cat Nail Trimmer and Clipper by Love Pet Home

Pet Nail Clipper


Who don’t know the fear of sharp growing nails of cats which keeps parents worried while kiddos are playing with their pet! Home furniture is always the easy targets for scratch full nature of cats.

This stainless steel clipper comes with ergonomic handle with solid grip. It cuts only 0.2mm nail size which is just enough to avoid hurting blood vessels or nerves in nails.

The reason this product made it the list is the rating of whooping 5 out of 5 stars with over 160 reviews. Click here for more details…

Water less Bath Shampoo for cats –

Water less Bath Shampoo For Cats being Shown

 The cats are known for their resistance to bathing. The fight between cat owners and cats while bathing cat is no more any secret. Here is the solution which though won’t completely replace the bathing result but still its quiet closer in results.

The “water less bath” term comes from the fact that you don’t have to do any head wash after applying this dry shampoo. Just spray the shampoo from head to tail while protecting eyes, do a little massage and gently brush the hairs after drying the hairs. Isn’t it that simple.

The product comes with rating of 4.4 with over 700 reviews on amazon.Click here for details 

Electric Pet Nail Trimmer by Unique Addict Store –

Cat Looking at Pet Nail Trimmer with Paw point towards it

Electric Pet Nail Trimmer/Grinder comes with rechargeable battery which is basically a grinder. It includes a cylindrical grinding stone rotating at the shaft of electric motor. Just gently rub the sharp edge of pet nails against t his grinding stone. The result is rounded pet nails which wont hurt/scratch the owner and its extremely comfortable for cats/dogs.

Features –

  • Pets will love it – Electric Pet Nail Trimmer being too soft on nails of pets does not scare away the cats which normally happen with scissors alike conventional nail trimmers. So it is quiet easy a job for owner to handle the pet independently.
  • Cordless design – Just charge the Pet Nail trimmer once and use for several hours at your convenient location and time in park, terrace etc..
  • Multi Purpose Usage – It can be used for all size dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.

Click here for detailed description… It comes with product rating of 4.9 with over 100 reviews to support.

Grooming wipes for cats by Earth bath –

Grooming Wipes For Cats

This is an another alternative to bathing which comes with pre-moistened wipes containing Hawaiian Awapuhi extract. It conditions the coat of cats with aloe vera and vitamin E which removes the allergic elements and nourish the skin with nice fragnance.

It doesn’t contains dye, perfumes or chemicals. It is safe for cats with over six months of age.  Always protect cat’s eyes which wiping the body of cat.

This product comes with 4.4 rating with over 90 reviews to supportClick here for detailed description..



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