Best Resistance Bands For Glutes

As you have already decided to buy resistance bands, I don’t need to tell you the importance and potential of resistance bands.

If you are a complete beginner, still in a dilemma, check this super useful article to turn your confusion into a more affirmative decision – do resistance bands really work?

Just taking a decision and setting a goal for fitness is not enough. Having a detailed strategy with achievable milestones along with the right workout accessories is required. You all will agree with me, Right!

This is where our exhaustive guide and analysis will come handy for you…

Stick with me for the rest of the journey.

Without much ado, lets come straight to the main topic,

How I did the survey of best resistance bands for glutes?

To elevate your anxieties about the best resistance bands for booty to buy, I have done an exhaustive study of best resistance bands in the market for strengthening glute muscles.

Further, based on my own experience with exercise bands, I have knowingly categorized the resistance bands based on relevancy score which depicts the importance of resistance bands especially from the perspective of working on glute muscles in terms of two parameters

  1. Comfort
  2. Targeting on hip muscles

NOTE This score is based on my own experience and judgment, the final call shall rest upon you only.

Further, I have shortlisted seven resistance bands for butts training for each design of resistance bands without repetition of each design type to provide a much broader view of various booty bands in the market.

What do you learn by the end of this article?

I have provided a brief introduction to each design of resistance bands for the readers who may not be aware of designs of workout bands and their relevance to booty workouts.

Further, I have also provided specifications of each resistance band along with package contents in an attempt to provide a complete picture of the best booty bands in the market.

Pro and cons of each resistance band type have been explained here to empower you to make your own decision.

Read types of resistance bands and their uses to know more about their designs and usefulness.

Factors you must consider before buying booty bands-

Always weight every resistance band you choose here or on any other platform based on the factors mentioned below

  • Relevancy for the kind of fitness goal you want to achieve.
  • Durability
  • Support for other body parts workout just in case you are starting from scratch and don’t have any fitness accessory.
  • Comfortability to encourage you to keep using them
  • Price affordability


1 Power Loop Bands By Canway
2 Resistance Tube Band Kit by TheFitLife
3 Mini Loop Resistance Bands by Sports Research
4 Leg Resistance bands by Unique Addict Store
5 Non-Slip Loop Resistance Bands From Unique Addict
6 Booty Adjustable Belt with Resistance Bands By UVATIME
7 Speed and Strength Leg Resistance Bands By Kbands

Jump anywhere you want if you have already done some research beforehand. However, I recommend you to go through each step to gain some extra insights and get a better perspective.

Here we go

Power Loop Resistance Bands By Canway –

Relevancy Score – 4

For the readers new to resistance bands, the power loop resistance bands, as the name suggests, offers very high resistance in the range of 230 pounds. They come in a much longer length as compared to resistance tube bands.

Package contents –

  • 1x Red Band
  • 1x Black Band
  • 1x Purple Band
  • 1x Green Band
  • 1x Storage Bag
  • 1x User Manual

Specifications –

These pull up resistance bands also come in a set of 4. It includes Red (35 lb), Black (65 lb), Purple (85 lb), Green (125 lb). The detailed specifications are as under

  • Material – Natural Rubber Latex
  • Length – 81.9 Inches
  • Width – 0.5 inches
  • Thickness – 0.2 inches.
  • Resistance offered – 35 lb to 125 lb.


Suitable for intermediate to advanced athletes.

They come in a kit of 4 resistance levels, which is a huge plus. In my experience, power loop bands of varying resistance levels do come in to use in one way or another while targeting smaller muscle groups and larger muscle groups. So it is a wise decision by Canway to sell them in the kit of four resistance levels.

Suitable for high-intensity squats, butt kicks, glute bridges, leg raise, side leg lifts, among many other exercises for firming glute muscles.

They are not as versatile as resistance tube bands, but still, they also prove to be highly effective for deadlifts, shoulder raise, calisthenics, biceps, triceps in addition to ass workouts.


Not suitable for beginners. Only the lowest resistance pull up band of red color may suit a bit to newbies.

Few purchasers reported snapping after a few months usage.

The power chin up bands have not been designed exclusively for hip exercises in mind. So you may feel extremely uncomfortable while doing some hip workouts such as lateral band walk, leg kickbacks, side leg lifts, etc.

These power loop resistance bands don’t come with anti-snap protection gear. However, they are safer than resistance tube bands

View CANWAY pull up loop bands here


It is advisable to buy some good quality eye protection glasses to use them during resistance band workouts to protect your face.

Check this article for handy tips to prolong the life of resistance bands along with some useful safety instructions- are resistance bands safe?

? TIP –

For more productive results from these versatile tube bands for strengthening glutes as per prime objective here, you may buy additional resistance bands accessories here.

Resistance Tube Band Kit by TheFitLife –

Relevancy Score – 6

For the readers relatively new to resistance tube bands, the resistance tube bands are the form of cylindrical rubber tubes with D-buckle on both sides for attaching accessories.

Package Contents –

      • 5 x Resistance Tube Bands
      • 2 x handles
      • 2 x Ankle straps
      • 1 x Door anchor
      • 1 x Carrying Bag
      • 1 x Instruction
      • Weight – 1.7 pounds

Specifications –

The resistance tube bands offered by the TheFitLife come in the form of the kit, including the following components.

      • Length of each band – 48 inches
      • Material – Natural Rubber Latex
      • Resistance Offered – Yellow (10lb), blue (15lb), red (20lb), green (25lb) & black (40lb).

Here are the pro and cons of resistance tube bands


As all color levels come together, you don’t need to buy each resistance level individually.

It can provide resistance from 10 lb to 110 lb (10+15+20+25+40) when all color resistance bands are combined in parallel between the handles.

Suitable for beginners to intermediate athletes.

Comparatively large size steel carabiners of 6*60 on both handles for fast assembly.

The double-layer fabric used on ends of each resistance tubes with a reinforced lock to fix D-buckle with cross stitching for the durable and safe bond between resistance tubes and handles.

Sweatproof and skid-proof cushioned handles.

Incredibly Versatile bands for training other body parts as well.


Not suitable for advanced athletes. Some of the purchasers reported lower resistance levels for regular gym athletes.

They are not solely made for glutes. You may feel a bit uncomfortable doing some glute exercises.

You have to buy a complete kit. If you are an intermediate athlete, you may never use yellow and blue stretch bands forever though you pay for them.

No shielding on resistance tubes to protect you just in case they snap during booty exercises.

You will need to buy ankle cuffs attachment separately to let you do butt kicks, leg raise, abduction, adduction, squats.

If you are closing on the resistance tube bands by TheFitLife, you can check a cheaper and a good quality ankle cuffs here

You can buy TheFitLife Resistance Tube Bands here

Mini Loop Resistance Bands By Sports Research

Relevancy score – 7

For newbies, the mini loop resistance bands are relatively much smaller in length (typically one to two feet ) as compared to the power loop resistance bands. Further, their thickness and resistance is also quite lesser as compared to the power loop bands.

The mini loop exercise bands are mainly meant for the lower body, including glutes. That’s the reason they deserve a relevancy score of 7.

Package Contents –

      • Light (Green), Medium (Red), Heavy (Grey), X-Heavy (Blue)888, XX-Heavy (Black)
      • 1x Light (Green)
      • 1x Medium (Red)
      • 1x Heavy (Grey)
      • 1x X-Heavy (Blue)
      • 1x XX-Heavy (Black)
      • 1x Mesh Carrying Bag

Specifications –

They come in resistance from Light resistance to XX-Heavy resistance as part of a kit with details as below.

      • Dimensions – 6.5 x 5.1 x 6.5 inches
      • Weight – 6.9 ounces


Suitable for Beginners and Intermediate athletes.

Mini loop resistance Plays a vital role in rehabilitation programs.

It comes in the form of a kit with varying resistance levels. So, you don’t need to buy higher resistance bands separately to match your improving fitness.

More comfortable while doing lower body exercises than power loop bands from Canway and resistance tube bands from TheFitLife.

Very light and portable


Not suitable for upper body exercise.

No accessories such as door anchors, handles, ankle cuffs can be attached — limited functionality.

Tends to slip during lunges, squats. Most of the users have reported the issue of slipping and frequent adjustments.

You have to buy separate resistance bands for upper body exercises of shoulders, chest, back, and arms.

You may get injured due to accidental snapping. Risk is, however, lower than power loop and tube resistance bands discussed earlier.

Not comfortable for use on bare skin. It may not suit the people allergic to latex

For details about mini loop resistance bands by Sports Research

Leg Resistance bands by Unique Addict Store

Relevancy Score – 8

The reason, these tube resistance bands have found their place here is due to sincere and straightforward effort for giving a booty burnout with minimal kit. It is a distant relative of tube resistance bands.

Package contents –

      • 1x pair of leg puller resistance bands
      • 1x pair of ankle cuffs
      • 1x door anchor
      • 1x storage bag


      • Material – Natural Rubber Latex
      • Resistance band type – Tube bands
      • Color – Red, blue, purple, green
      • Dimensions – 30 x 5 cm
      • Weight – 250gm


Extremely lightweight for outdoor workout routines

A complete kit for booty workout. You don’t need to separately buy door anchor, ankle cuffs, as in case of tube resistance bands discussed in Sr. No. 1.

It improves agility and speed. The leg exercise bands provide added advantage to athletes developing their explosive power to react instantly to counter other players’ moves.

Suitable for beginner and intermediate athletes.

Highly effective in activating glute muscles through a focussed workout of hip flexors from different angles.


These leg booty bands are not as versatile as tube resistance bands by TheFitLife and power loop bands by Canway for other body parts.

It is not designed for advanced athletes.

Some users have reported a slight discomfort while wearing ankle cuffs.

No anti-snap protection provided. However, possibilities of the band hitting on your face are too rare, given their reach of the lower body only.

Get more details about leg resistance bands here

Non-Slip Loop Resistance Bands From Unique Addict Store-

Relevancy Score – 8

These innovative loop bands are very similar in appearance to the mini loop resistance bands by Sports Research. The fabric bands may be considered as one of the best resistance bands for glutes and legs.

The anti-slip loop bands are comparatively broader and weighs more than the mini loop bands. However, they have some unique advantages as compared to mini loop bands discussed before.

That is the reason these bands have been rated one level higher than mini loop exercise bands in terms of a relevancy score.

Package Contents –

      • 1x pair of non-slip loop resistance bands
      • 1x net carrying bag
      • 2x Instruction manual

Specifications –

They come in a variety of resistance levels and colors. The details are as under

      • Material – Polyester + cotton
      • Colors– Pink, purple, blue, black, lake blue, green
      • Resistance levels – 120lb to 180lb
      • Sizes – Small, Medium, Large


Extremely comfortable for lower body exercises due to the broader design and use of the fabric.

Anti-slip design. No frequent adjustments required.

It can be used bare skin.

Best suitable for intermediate and advanced athletes


Not Suitable for beginners due to less stretchability of fabric, resulting in higher resistance.

Costlier as compared to mini loop resistance bands made out of latex rubber.

Heavier and occupies more space in the suitcase while traveling.

The fabric booty bands don’t come in the form of a kit. You need to buy various resistance level fabric bands individually as per your improving fitness level.

Not suitable as recovery bands and for general toning in yoga classes due to higher resistance.

 Get more details about fabric loop resistance bands here

Booty Adjustable Belt with Resistance Bands By UVATIME

Relevancy Score – 9

These innovative booty bands have been designed to provide additional resistance along every plane of movement of muscles of leg and booty between the waistline and the ankles.

Package contents –

      • 1 x Adjustable waist belt
      • 2 x Adjustable ankle straps
      • 2 x Resistance bands (40lbs)
      • 2 x Resistance bands (50lbs)
      • 1 x Resistance tube
      • 1 x Backpack cum carry bag
      • 1 x Exercises Manual

Specifications –

      • One pair of black resistance bands with cloth sheath (40lbs)
      • One pair of black resistance bands with cloth sheath (50lbs)
      • Yellow Color Resistance tube (Length – 10 inch)
      • Recommended for people with a waist between 25″ and 47″ and height between 5′ 3″ and 6′.


It provides resistance without altering sports-related actual planes of movement.

More variations of the same exercises are possible for booty and leg muscles.

Much more useful for hip flexors, leg muscles, and obliques.

Suitable for a beginner (40lb resistance bands)) and intermediate athletes (50 lb resistance bands).

It improves agility, speed, and explosive power.


Some users have reported slight discomfort near ankle cuffs while doing exercises.

These bands are not ideal for advanced athletes.

Being dedicated bands, you will have to buy a separate pair of exercise bands for the upper body.

Get more details about UVATIME Booty Adjustable resistance bands here

Speed and Strength Leg Resistance Bands By Kbands

Relevancy Score – 9

Package Contents –

For users weighing under 110lbs

      • 1 x pair of Leg Straps
      • 1 x Carrying Bag
      • 2 Grey Resistance Bands
      • 2 x Light Green Resistance Bands
      • 2 x Yellow Resistance Bands
      • 2 x Teal Resistance Bands
      • 2 x Optional Black Advanced Bands

For users weighing over 110lbs

      • 1 x pair of Leg Straps
      • 1 x Carrying Bag
      • 2 x Red Resistance Bands
      • 2 x Orange Resistance Bands
      • 2 x Green Resistance Bands
      • 2 x Blue Resistance Bands
      • 2 x Optional Black Advanced Bands

Specifications –

For Users weighing over 110 lbs

      • Red Resistance Bands – 30 lbs (10.5 & 9.5 in)
      • Orange Resistance Bands – 40 lbs (11.5 & 10.5 in)
      • Green Resistance Bands – 55 lbs (11.5 & 10.5 in)
      • Blue Resistance Bands – 85 lbs (12 & 11 in)
      • Option Black Advanced – 95 lbs (12 & 11 in)

For Users weighing under 110 lbs

      • Grey Resistance Bands – 10 lbs (10 & 9.5 in)
      • Light Green Resistance Bands – 12 lbs (10 & 9.5 in)
      • Teal Resistance Bands – 15 lbs (10 & 9.5 in)
      • Yellow Resistance Bands – 20 lbs (10 & 9.5 in)


It improves speed, agility, and explosive power for seasoned athletes.

Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes

It comes in a complete range of resistance levels as part of the kit to match your current fitness levels.

Ideal for athletes to improve their response time and cardiovascular performance.

It doesn’t alter the original range of motion of sports-related movements and only adds resistance to your original routine.


Some users complained about durability and lower resistance than expected

No Anti-snap protection provided. However, the chances of bands hitting back to your face on breakage are rare in this product design.

These thigh training bands are not designed for the whole body. You will have to buy another set of workout bands for other body parts.

Get more details about leg resistance bands about Kbands here

Conclusion –

First of all, thanks for reaching near the end of this discussion.

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Choosing the best resistance bands for glutes is a two-step ladder.

Firstly, you need to come down to the design/type of resistance band, suiting your needs. I have brought out all the kinds of resistance bands with relevancy score to walk you through the process.

Secondly, you need to pinpoint the quality of the type of resistance band shortlisted in the first step. I have brought all the best quality exercise bands for booty workout through exhaustive research.

Coming to my own opinion (you are free to apply your mind after all)

Booty workouts or even leg workouts are just one part of the whole-body fitness routine. The booty, including legs, is, unfortunately, the most ignored though they carry your body weight most of the time. So, they do deserve some special care with exclusive bands built for hips.

In my view, you should always go for resistance bands of relevance score seven and above for better recruitment of hip flexors, glute minimus, glute Maximus, hip extensors muscles, among others.

Besides this, do go for tube resistance bands or power loop resistance bands as cited at Sr1 or 2 to provide you with an additional high-intensity workout for booty and other body parts to achieve an optimum balanced physique.

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