Best Resistance Bands For Runners – Exclusive For Athletes

The resistance bands are the only choice that comes to the mind where athletic training is concerned. The incredibly flexible and soft rubber material of workout bands makes it possible to merge them into the athletic movements.

Here we are going to provide you some unique resistance bands which have been specifically designed to improve the speed and agility, which are core qualities that every runner wants to master.

Based on my years of experience with resistance bands and research I did for dynamic training capabilities of resistance bands, I have shortlisted some unique resistance band products in ascending order of preference.

So, what are the best resistance bands for runners? Here are some of the best athletic bands explicitly suited for runners –

  1. Kbands Freedom Speech training bundle
  2. Wear Bands resistance bands training and exercise system
  3. Acceleration speed cord by Kinetic bands
  4. Speed and agility training equipment by Valorem Sports
  5. Strength and conditioning victory ropes

Do read my final recommendations at the end of this article.

❝ Hi, I am Ravi, your companion, and a passionate fitness athlete, cyclist, runner, gym enthusiast who just loves the concept of resistance bands for their extreme flexibility. I have been using resistance bands as one of my primary fitness equipment for the last many years ❞

Let’s begin –

1) Kbands Freedom Speech training bundle –


As suggested by its name, it is a bundle of two different resistance bands products provided by the Kbands.

a) Leg training resistance bands combo

This combo includes a pair of leg wraps and eight pairs of different resistance level bands.

b) Reactive stretching cord combo

This combo set consists of one stretchable resistance band covered in safety sleeve, a waist belt, and an assisted hand strap.

👍 Pros

a) The leg training resistance bands’ combo set is perfect for providing dynamic resistance to the leg muscles during the forward and lateral movements. Just wrap the thigh/leg straps around your thighs. Attach the appropriate size resistance bands pair between the straps, and you are good to go.


The leg injuries primarily related to the knees is a significant concern of marathoners and sprinters. The runners usually have strong quadriceps and relatively weak hamstring muscles. Further, lesser use of hip abductors & adductor muscles (inner & outer thigh muscles) during running creates imbalances around the knee joint.

b) After deputing between the thighs, the leg training resistance bands improve the engagement of inner and outer thigh muscles, making them more robust for balanced stresses around the knee joint. Further, they grow the side/lateral response of the legs, which can be an essential aspect of other athletic sports.

c) The eight levels of resistance bands are enough to fulfill the needs of the progressive resistance as leg muscles start adapting to the current resistance levels.

d) The reactive stretching cord combo set is the best recipe for bringing drastic improvements in the overall speed, agility, and reflexes of sprinters. Tie one end of the stretchable cord to the waist belt (provided with the pack), and the other end needs to be held by the partner/coach with the help of hand strap.

e) The stretchable cord can be stretched from 8 feet to 20 feet. That means a runner can run against the cord’s resistance up to 12 feet to improve his/her initial starting times.

f) This stretching cord can also be used to assist the runner in the direction of running to increase the engagement of fast-twitch fibers. Further, it is also useful in improving the vertical movements of the runners by practicing resisted vertical jump variations.


The company also offers an Overspeed accelerator and vertical FX digital training programs free with this product. Do reach out to the seller if you don’t receive the same.

👎 Cons

The leg straps are useful for upper leg muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, IT band, adductors/abductors, but won’t hit calf and ankle joints, which are also an essential part of the kinetic chain of legs.

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 2) Wear Bands resistance bands training and exercise system –

The resistance bands training and exercise system differs substantially from the other speed and agility bands. Let us discuss the various features before I come to my closing words for this product.


The resistance bands training and exercise system can be divided into two sections depending upon the body parts beings targetted-

a) Lower body resistance bands training system

It includes three (yellow, grey, green) or five (red & black additional) pair of resistance bands for three different height ranges of athletes.

It further includes a pair of customized socks that can be worn over the regular sports socks or used directly over the bare feet. This pair of socks also come in four different shoe sizes.

A waist belt is provided in the training system to connect the suitable pair of resistance bands between the belt and custom socks.

b) Upper body resistance bands training system

It includes two pairs of resistance bands and custom gloves which works with three resistance level or five resistance level lower body training system.

A couple of resistance bands provided in the upper body kit can also be connected between the custom socks to add new dimensions for legs training.

👍 Pro

a) The customized kit provided for upper and lower body system separately with options to opt for different resistance levels is a helpful step for growing training needs.

b) Here, the pair of resistance bands need to be attached between the custom-made socks, and the waist belt includes all the joints from the hip, knee towards the ankle. It provides functional training and activates a much larger group of muscles, including stabilizing muscles of all the three joints.

c) The waist belt is made from durable and sturdy material with patented design. You won’t feel like wearing any external accessory around the heels due to the super comfortable neoprene socks with patented design.

Where the ordinary ankle straps irritate the skin and smartly bypasses the ankle joints, these innovative socks are the best alternative.

d) The upper body kit can be suitable for athletes engaged in sports with more involvement in upper body parts like basketball, handball, badminton, and general fitness.

👎 Cons

Although the lower and upper body training systems are great for engaging all the major and minor muscle groups around the complete legs.

But we missed the bungee cords, which can prove instrumental for runners as they provide real-time resistance to the whole body as provided by the wind or while running over the hill.

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3) Acceleration speed cord by Kinetic bands –

It is a bungee resistance cord with protection sleeve having two resistance bands in parallel residing beneath the sleeve for higher resistance.


It includes the following accessories/parts

a) One bungee speed cord with a resting length of 9 feet and a maximum allowable stretchable length of 20 feet.

b) One waist belt (three sizes available)

c) One hand strap for controlling of the cord by the partner/coach

d) One anchor strap (just in case, you don’t have a partner to hold the other end)

e) Carry bag

👍 Pro

a) If you are just looking for improving the acceleration, speed, and agility, the speed bunging cord from Kinetic bands is the best option for good built quality and positive customer experience.

b) It comes with an anchor strap, which we didn’t find in the other similar products. The anchor strap is particularly essential when you need to train alone.

c) The use of two resistance bands (though exact resistance values not mentioned) is an excellent addition for advanced athletes who may need higher resistance to train.

d) Useful for other athletes, including runners like swimmers, basketball players, football, etc.

e) The waist belt is built with sturdy material and neoprene padding from inside for prolonged use around the waist without discomfort.

f) Range of motion with this bungee speed cord is up to 11 feet (20ft-9ft), which is sufficient for various runners drills such as bonding, power skip, strides, carioca, etc.

👎 Cons

For overall improvements in power, explosiveness, and strength, the bungee speed cords are unmatched. However, it lacks the dynamic resistance kit, which focuses mainly on removing imbalances and improving leg velocity.

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4) Speed and agility training equipment by Valorem Sports

The speed and agility training kit is by far the most complete system that any athlete needs for practicing sports-specific drills.


Here are the various accessories/parts included in the speed training system  –

  1. One Running parachute
  2. Four pairs of resistance bands
  3. Twenty disc cones
  4. Thigh leg straps – 2no.
  5. Fourteen step agility ladder
  6. Four-speed hurdles
  7. Jump/skipping rope
  8. Carry bag

👍 Pros

a) The running parachute has a different advantage for runners than a stretchable cord included in the packages of the other products. The running parachute provides consistent resistance to the runner employing air resistance.

As such, this asset is not dependent upon any resistance band. As such, runners can cover unlimited distance while pulling the inflated parachute behind the back, making it unique and practical.

b) The agility ladder and jump hurdles can be useful for any athlete, including sprinters who need to work on their explosiveness and hand-foot coordination. The e-book has also been provided with the pack by the company.

c) The leg training resistance bands are an excellent addition for accelerating the engagement of fast-twitch fibers and stabilizing muscles of legs. Doing various jumping and ladder agility drills while wearing leg resistance bands kit can be challenging as well as useful for improving balance.

👎 Cons

We missed the stretching bungee cord as it is essential for runners involved in a shorter version of running, such as 100/200/400meter events. Improving initial start time, quickness and explosiveness are vital areas for sprinters to work on.

Buying a separate speed bungee cord, as suggested from the Kinetic bands along with the above training equipment, can be the best solution.

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The strength and conditioning victory ropes sold by Kbands are the bungee speed cords that serve the same purpose as the bungee cords sold by other suppliers, as mentioned in this article.

However, these are unmatched and unique in their approach to training with bungee ropes. I was genuinely impressed by these victory ropes.


  • Two strength and conditioning victory ropes
  • Carry bag
  • 4 No. Digital trainer kits for conditioning, power, warrior, and force.

👍 Pro

a) Each victory rope includes four resistance bands beneath the protection sleeve. As such, it provides enough resistance, which can train the strongest of the athlete.

b) Each victory bungee rope can expand from 8 feet to 20 feet. Further, they can be combined, making them stretch to a distance of 40 feet. Doing speed drills up to a range of 40 feet is truly a blessing.

c) Each bungee cord has a textured safety sleeve. The textured surface improves the grip and comfort of the athlete.

d) Many readers must be surprised by the absence of the waist belt and hand strap as provided in similar kits by the competitors.

Here is the reason. The outer surface of the victory ropes is flat and textured, making it possible to wrap the rope directly around the waist. Simple pass the one end of the victory rope through the anchor on the other end of the bungee cord and tight it as your waist size.

No hassles of wearing a waist belt each time you need to train. Further, there are inbuilt anchor straps at both ends of the bungee cord, which can be held with hands or objects or waist while doing resisted drag sprints, dynamic resisted agility drills, etc.

👎 Cons

If you are only interested in cardiovascular strengthening drills for improving reflexes, agility, and pick-up times with bungee ropes, they have no competitors. HANDS DOWN!


Here, I have tried to cover the most advanced resistance band kits available online for marathoners and sprinters. I have further simplified the process and saved you some precious time by presenting the summary of the products I reviewed as under –

Most complete resistance bands kit for runners – Speed and agility training equipment by Valorem Sports

Best legs training kit for runners – Wear Bands resistance bands training and exercise system

Most competent bungee speed cord for speed drills – Speed and conditioning victory ropes by Kbands

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