Resistance Bands That Don’t Roll

Best Resistance Bands That Don't Roll Up

The loop resistance bands are the most flexible and cheap alternative for complete lower body exercises compared to the hard-wired dumbbells, barbells, and heavy gym machinery.

Given that the loop bands are put around the thighs with an angled surface, it is not uncommon for loop bands to slip from their place during squats, lunges, and leg raises. I have felt the frustration of adjusting the band’s frequency during exercises.

Well, the loop resistance bands can be further divided into two categories based on the material used –

  • Latex/non-latex loop bands
  • Fabric resistance bands.

The latex and non-latex loop bands can be summarized as rubber bands with an ultra-smooth surface, and they are bound to slip from their position.

➀  πŸ“‘ However, there are some tips and tricks which can improve the gripping of rubber loop flat bands. I already have those tips in this article – How to prevent resistance bands from rolling up?.

The fabric resistance bands are the ultimate choice if you prioritize the experience of using the loop bands. However, they do have their share of cons.

➀  πŸ“‘ Luckily, I have covered them in this article – Fabric vs. Latex resistance bands which one to choose?.

Your quest for non-slip loop bands doesn’t end here. There are numerous types of fabric loop bands to choose from.

Here I have covered all the possible variations of loop fabric bands with their detailed pro and cons in the increasing order of their convenience of usage, design, and non-slip capabilities.

❝ And I promise you would be surprised to know how unique some of the fabric resistance bands can be, though they all are meant to be worn around the thighs. βž

❝ Hi, I am Ravi, your companion and a passionate fitness athlete, cyclist, runner, gym enthusiast who just loves the concept of resistance bands for their extreme flexibility. I have been using resistance bands as one of my primary fitness equipment for the last many years ❞

Here we begin –

Non-slip booty bands by Recredo on Amazon –



The recredo booty bands are made from a mixture of fabric and the latex rubber. They come in a set of three with different resistance levels.


β‡’ They come in three colors Blue (small), Pink (Medium), Purple (Heavy) as part of a single pack.

β‡’ An instruction manual with detailed step by step instructions for exercises and washing recommendations.

β‡’ Ebook

β‡’ A lifetime warranty, as claimed by the company.

β‡’ A small backpack

Pros –

πŸ‘ The fabric loop bands come with a thickness of 0.12 inches, which is higher than average fabric bands provided by the competitors.

πŸ‘ Higher thickness means assured of durability.

πŸ‘ Three different fabric booty bands mean that they will accompany you for a long time to meet the progressive resistance requirements as you get stronger with time.

πŸ‘ Three levels of resistance also mean that you can do numerous booty and leg exercises without overtraining or undertraining muscles.

πŸ‘ Accompanying Ebook and paper manual are an excellent addition for the beginners who are struggling with the ideas for lower body exercises.

πŸ‘ Long-lasting and durable making it one of the best investment options, especially when you are looking for booty circle bands that don’t roll-up.

πŸ‘ Due to the use of additional layers of white fabric on the inner side, the chances of rolling up during squats, lunges, hip bridges, step-ups are next to none.

Cons –

πŸ‘Ž The main issue with the Recredo booty bands is their higher thickness and excessive use of fabric. Though, more increased thickness and use of a fair amount of cloth add to its shelf life. But, it makes you compromise with its range of motion with the exercises.

Higher resistance means that the beginners may not complete the full ROM (range of motion), which may be detrimental to the stability of muscles.

πŸ‘Ž All three resistance levels of booty bands differ from each other in sizes. That means, if the lightest bands suit your leg size, then the other two levels of loop bands may not provide similar tightness.

Peobeo bubble booty bands from Amazon –



The PeoBeo bubble booty bands, though, look similar to the Recredo booty bands discussed earlier. Yet, it differs slightly from its competitor in a way that may matter to you personally.

Specifications –

β‡’ It includes three sets of PeoBeo bubble booty bands with light (15-25lb), medium (25-40lb), and strong (40-50lb) resistance levels as a part of a single pack.

β‡’ An online video source with more than 30 exercises demonstrating exercises with the product.

β‡’ A paper exercise manual.

β‡’ Lifetime warranty as claimed by the company.

β‡’ A pink color carrying bag

Pros –

πŸ‘ The inclusion of three different color booty bands is good, especially for beginners who may need higher resistance level loop bands somewhere soon.

πŸ‘ Thick booty bands along extra inner fabric layers provide them a superior hold over the skin.

πŸ‘ The vivid and bright colors of booty bands is a huge plus for women looking for stylish fitness accessories matching their lifestyle.

πŸ‘ All resistance loop bands, though differ in resistance, yet they come in the same circumference area. It is an excellent step to avoid confusion.

πŸ‘ The peobeo booty bands are incredibly durable due to the use of high-quality fabric and higher thickness.

πŸ‘ All three booty bands come packed inside an extremely cute and stylish carry backpack.

πŸ‘ The online video resources, along with the nicely printed paper book for loop band exercises, is a good step in customer satisfaction.

Cons –

πŸ‘Ž As reported by some users, the lightest fabric loop band is way too soft and small to be useful for an intermediate athlete.

πŸ‘Ž There is a restricted range of motion experienced with PeoBeo bands due to comparatively higher resistance than latex loop bands.

Fabric Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt – Arena Strength


The fabric resistance bands from Arena strength don’t look any different from the conventional fabric bands sold by other companies/manufacturers. However, there is one unique selling point that makes it different from other companies. It is the quality and after-sales service. After all, this is what every customer demands while investing in a fitness product.

Let us first discuss its specifications –

Specifications –

β‡’ The fabric loop bands from Arena strength comes in a set of three resistance levels.

  1. Light – It’s grey in color with 23 to 33lbs resistance.
  2. Medium – It’s blue in color with 34 to 44 pounds resistance.
  3. Heavy – It is black in color with 45 to 55 pounds resistance.

β‡’ Comprehensive 15-page workout program booklet

β‡’ Online access to training videos, nutrition guides, and dedicated support group.

β‡’ Waterproof zip carry bag case

β‡’ Full money-back guarantee & 12-month replacement warranty

Pros –

πŸ‘ All three different resistance level bands differ in resistance in real terms. That means the manufacturer hasn’t changed the diameter of loop bands to increase/decrease the resistance. Instead, the fabric of each loop band has been changed to vary resistance.

πŸ‘ All the fabric loop bands are of the same diameter. It means you will experience similar gripping around the legs no matter which level bands are being used.

πŸ‘ Keeping the size of all different color bands also aids in maintaining the resistance during the entire range of motion, which is the crucial parameter for getting tangible results from workouts.

πŸ‘ All the loop bands are triple stitched for ensuring its long life.

πŸ‘ Inner anti-slip grip strips ensure that they won’t slip during sumo squats, lunges, and deadlifts.

πŸ‘ Arena strength has provided high-quality printed workouts manual with the kit, which covers lower body complete exercise routines for the gym and home workouts.

πŸ‘ Besides the hard copy provided with the pack, they have also cared to provide exclusive fabric loop bands workouts; training videos access, and a dedicated support group for imbibing customer confidence.

Cons –

πŸ‘Ž While quality is overall good, however very few customers have reported the stretching out of the bands within short periods.

πŸ‘Ž Some overweight users with chubby thighs have reported issues regarding the improper fitting of loop bands.

4KOR Fitness Resistance Loop Band Set –



The loop fabric bands provided by 4KOR, at first sight, looks similar to the other fabric bands we just discussed. They still differ from the previous two in some aspects that may be crucial for you.

Let’s begin with the specifications –

Specifications –

The 4KOR fabric loop bands come in the form of the set of three different resistance levels bands. The details are as follows-

β‡’ 15 -20lb (Light), 13.5″ Green color

β‡’ 30 to 35lb (Medium), 13.5″ Yellow color

β‡’ 45 to 50lb (Extra heavy), 14.25″ Red color

If your body weight is higher than 225lb, then an extra heavy loop band is suitable for you. For other people weighing less than 225lb, light and medium resistance loop bands shall be suited.


πŸ‘ The use of fabric, polyester in addition to the rubber makes them non-slippy and lets you focus on the engaged muscles rather than the bands.

πŸ‘ As in the previous two cases, the provision of a set of three different resistance levels bands is a welcome step. If you need higher resistance than provided by the individual bands, we can also them in different ways combination.

πŸ‘ The primary benefit that makes them superior compared to the competitors and the reason we have listed on our list is their higher stretchability. It happens due to the comparatively lower width of 4KOR loop bands as compared to the competitors.

You can now do butt kicks, clamshells, bridges, sidewalks without compromising the range of motion.

πŸ‘ There is no issue with the durability of the hip bands due to the use of high-quality fabric. Many users have reported having been using these hip loop bands over the years without any material degradation.

πŸ‘ The fabric is exceptionally soft and comfortable to use and doesn’t pull on lower limbs’ hairs.

Cons –

πŸ‘Ž The length of extra heavy loop bands differs from the light and heavy fabric bands. Be careful while choosing the resistance loop bands owing to their different lengths.

πŸ‘Ž We observed the major issue with the user experience is the slipping/rolling of loop cloth bands while performing exercises. This issue is more dominant with the light loop bands. It happens mostly due to its lesser width of 2 inches, which is 30 percent lower than the average width (more than 3 inches) of fabric loop bands sold by the competitors.

You need to take the final call between the higher range of motion and slight rollability that happens with 4KOR hip circle bands.

Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt Exercise Bands by WODSKAI –



The fabric cloth bands sold by WODSKAI come in a set of five resistance loop bands and a width of 2.3 inches for each of those loop bands variants. More number of resistance steps within a single pack is always beneficial. That is why they deserve their place here in our list.

Several other aspects are worth discussion. Here we go –

Specifications –

β‡’ The WODSKAI resistance bands come in the set of five loop bands as under –

  1. Yellow color (X-Light) – 5 to 10lbs
  2. Red color (Light) – 10 to 15lbs
  3. Green color (Medium) – 15 to 20lbs
  4. Blue color (Heavy) – 25 to 30 lbs
  5. Black (X-Heavy) – 30 to 40lbs

β‡’ Dimensions – All loop bands come in the size of 13 inches and length of 2.3 inches.

β‡’ Weight – Total weight of the complete kit is 0.49lb.

β‡’ Sixty days money-back guarantee and three years warranty provided by the company.

β‡’ One carry bag


πŸ‘ The significant benefit of WODSKAI fabric hip bands is in the set of five loop bands included in the one kit from extra light to extra heavy levels. Providing two different loop bands can undoubtedly help users choose their best loop bands for their current fitness level a whole lot easier job.

πŸ‘ As provided by other companies, the soft and durable fabric keeps these fabric bands from rolling or pinching into the hairs.

πŸ‘ The width of loop bands is around 2.3 inches for all the variants, making them look closer to the latex bands and improving their stretchability.

πŸ‘ All leg exercise bands variants have a standard length of 13 inches. So, suppose you are comfortable with loop bands width of 13 inches. In that case, all the variants will be useful to you somewhere later in the future.

Cons –

πŸ‘Ž Some buyers reported the lower range of motion in some exercises such as leg curl, clamshells, kickbacks, and hamstring curls due to their higher thickness of high resistance variants.

πŸ‘Ž Light resistance variants of cloth loop bands result in rolling up during more dynamic movements. It probably happens due to the lesser width (2.3 inches) of the WODSKAI leg bands.

Anti-slip resistance bands for legs and butts by KingPavonini –


The non-slip fabric bands from the KingPavonini are unique and different from the competitors in terms of adjusting the length of loop bands. Yes! You heard it right…

Here are the details of what you get in the pack…


β‡’ Two different adjustable resistance levels loop bands in the kit

β‡’ Black color (35 to 45lb) – Light

β‡’ Light purple color (25 to 35lb) – Heavy

β‡’ A carry case


πŸ‘ As said earlier, both the loop bands sold by the KingPavonini comes with an adjustable length from 13 inches to 17 inches. That means if you are looking for strong enough and want to increase resistance from the same loop bands, tighten up the band by passing it through the buckle.

So the same loop bands can provide you different resistances for different exercises. The side squats walk shall need much higher resistance than side leg raise. So, increase or decrease the resistance accordingly.

πŸ‘ The adjustable loop bands are heavier than contemporary counterparts due to buckles and overlapping of extra fabric end hanging alongside the buckle.

πŸ‘ However, since the same resistance level loop bands can accomplish different exercises’ needs by providing different resistances, you may not need to carry a set of three or five fabric bands in the backpack during tours or outdoor workouts. In the end, you feel them extremely portable in that sense.

πŸ‘ Each fabric loop bands are more than 3 inches wide and thicker than ordinary fabric loop bands marketed by the other brands. Higher thickness and width make sure that it will not roll-up during any exercises such as lunges, plank jacks, squats no matter how dynamic these workouts are.

πŸ‘ The KingPavonini resistance leg bands have been made from premium fabric with two inner grip layers to enhance stability and durability at the same time.


πŸ‘Ž Every coin has two sides. The use of buckles for adjusting the length and extra length bypassed through buckle while tightening the band adds to its weight.

πŸ‘Ž Length adjustment for increasing the resistance may not work in your favor as much as you may have expected. Decreasing the length too much counter-productive in the sense that you may not get a full range of motion.

πŸ‘Ž There is an increased risk of slipping loop band from the buckle end during high-intensity workouts. However, no user/buyer has reported such an issue in the past.

πŸ‘Ž Adjusting length during different exercises may not be as comfortable and quick to perform as it seems.

Unique 3-in-1 adjustable fabric resistance bands by The Better Band –


The Better Band has raised the bar of non-slip resistance bands by making some unique design innovations. Let us first look at the specifications –


β‡’ All fabric loop bands are available as a single piece of adjustable band per kit.

Here are the details of variants being sold separately –

β‡’ Light (thin blue) – 12-22lbs unhooked length – 31.5″

β‡’ Medium (blue – blue) – 15-27lbs, unhooked length- 30”

β‡’ Strong (red-blue) -25-37lbs, unhooked length – 30”

β‡’ Extra strong (red-red) – 35-47lbs, unhooked length – 30.”

β‡’ All fabric loop bands variants come with four levels of adjustable resistance.

Pros –

πŸ‘ The first and foremost feature of The Better Band fabric loop bands is hook technology, which is traditionally being used with belts for hooking the ends instead of the conventional buckles as used in the KingPavonini loop bands.

These unique fabric loop bands are worn like an ordinary belt and tied around the legs or waist like a typical belt.

πŸ‘ The hook technology makes it possible to position cloth bands directly around the legs or waist and fasten it in the second blink. Such a possibility saves some serious time tying and de attaching resistance bands while switching between different exercises.

πŸ‘ The Better Band fabric loop bands are extremely portable and light compared to the similarly placed competitors due to the use of a lightweight iron hook instead of the buckles.

πŸ‘ The same fabric loop band can be adjusted up to the four different levels of resistance. A single resistance band can do the work of four different resistance loop bands. Practical and portable, Isn’t it?

πŸ‘ The fabric loop bands by The Better Band can also be used around the waist during weight lifting and improving breathing techniques, including some postural exercises. Further, the same cloth hip band, when in unhooked form, can also work a radial resistance band for biceps, chest stretch, and overhead stretches.

πŸ‘ The use of soft fabric linings along the loop band’s length prevents it from slipping off the legs.

πŸ‘ The light resistance band variant comes with a width of 2.1 inches, while medium, strong, and extra strong loop bands have a width of 3 inches. There is something in store for every person to fit for any height.

πŸ‘ The user experience is quite positive due to the practicality of adjustable hook technology.

Cons –

πŸ‘Ž The only con we found was the absence of multiple variants in the single kit. If you are looking for the medium and strong variants, they need to be bought separately and cost accordingly.

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