Best Resistance Bands That Don’t Snap – Exclusive Selection

After researching the market of resistance bands from all the major brands, we have brought out the list of five best resistance bands that won’t snap.

I have personally gone through the trauma of resistance bands breaking right in the middle of exercise and hitting hard on my thumbnail. I was bleeding profusely within the blink of the eye.

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Fortunately, it was not my face. This instance forced me to research the existence of such anti-snap technology and best resistance bands that use them for commercial use.

Let me first introduce you to the kind of engineering used for making resistance bands unbreakable.

Before I start discussing the anti-break technologies for resistance bands, I would suggest you go through this article – Types of resistance bands to understand some technical jargon just in case you are entirely new to resistance bands. It shall help you understand different designs of bands and their names.



Types of Anti-Snap Technologies available in the market – 


Resistance bands with protection sleeve

Such resistance bands are widely available in both offline and online marketplace. These exercise bands come with extra cover in the shape of cloth sleeve wrapped around the tube resistance bands. When the latex rubber used in the resistance bands snaps all of a sudden during any exercise, the oversized protective sleeve prevents the broken ends of rubber tubing from hitting back to you.

Resistance Bands Made out of Fabric

Such resistance bands are made from the mix of latex rubber and fabric. These are typically used as loop bands only. The use of cloth prevents sudden snapping of resistance rubber tubing. You get ample time to notice the threads of fabric breaking before the fabric bands are entirely torn into the two parts.

Multi-layered Resistance Bands

Such tube resistance bands are made with multiple layers of latex rubber. In other words, the numerous rubber tubes are overlapped over each other rather than one thick rubber tube. So, if a few layers of multi-layered resistance bands give way, you will be able to notice the physical changes in appearance and elasticity before it breaks down completely.

Resistance bands with reinforced nylon threads

Here, a multi-layered nylon thread is passed inside the hollow tubes of tube resistance bands. This nylon thread is much longer than rubber tubing surrounding it. So, when the rubber tube breaks down due to overstretching among one of the several other factors. The nylon thread prevents the broken rubber ends from shooting towards you.



Best Resistance Bands With Anti-Snap Technology

The resistance band products hand-picked by us revolves around the above anti-snap technologies only.

Let us straight to the point – 


Resistance Tube Bands kit from Bodylastic – 

Bodylastic is the company that invented the anti-snap technology and patented vide 7819787. The complete resistance tube bands kit comprises of six Anti-Snap bands (Yellow: 3 lbs, Green: 5 lbs, Red: 8 lbs, Blue: 13 lbs, Black: 19 lbs, Purple: 23 lbs) | 2 Heavy Duty Handles | 2 Heavy Duty Ankle Straps | 1 Door Anchors. 


Anti Snap Feature 

The strong multi-layered nylon thread passes through the hollow rubber tubes of these resistance bands set. This patented anti-snap technology enables you to do resistance training with any fear of injury.

Resistance Offered  – 3 pounds to 30 pounds and 101 pounds combined 


Customer Feedback – Very few customers reported premature cracking and development of holes in the resistance bands after some usage. 

Check resistance tube bands kit from Bodylastic here – 



Power Loop Resistance Band By Rubberbanditz – 

The power loop band from Rubberbanditz is an ideal choice for beginner, medium and advanced athletes. These bands are famous for use in exercises such as overhead press, squats, deadlifts, calisthenics among several other practices.


Anti-Snap Feature  – 

This product comes with over 20 layers of rubber sheets stacked over each other to give them the shape of power loop bands. Due to multi-layered design, it doesn’t leave you shocked by sudden failure. Further, chances of cracking at anchor points and sharp turns is considerably reduced by the use of multiple layers. 

Resistance Offered – These power loop bands come in a wide range of resistance from yellow (2 to 15lbs) to black color (80- 200 lbs) with a length of 41 inches. 


Customer Feedback – No major issue found except a few complaints of high pricing.

Check power loop resistance bands from Rubberbanditz here 



Fabric Loop Resistance Bands From Unique Addict Store – 

These extra wide loop bands are perfect for lower body exercises such as squats, lunges, bridges, leg raise etc. They may not be ideal for beginners due to the lower range of motion and comparatively higher resistance. But they work fine for medium and advanced athletes.


Anti-Snap Feature –

These fabric loop bands, as the name suggests, are made from the mix of latex rubber and fabric, thereby providing a soothing feel of cloth fabric and elasticity of latex rubber.

Additionally, the threads of cloth woven into the latex rubber don’t give way like latex tubing all of a sudden.

Even if resistance band is going to break, few strands break giving you an early sign of damage to the resistance bands. These signs alert you to replace them immediately in advance.


Check these resistance bands here – 



Resistance Bands Set from Supalak – 

The resistance tube set from Supalak is similar to the resistance bands kit sold by Bodylastic. It is used for the full-body exercises.

These resistance tube bands are one of the most versatile resistance bands in the market.

We found one bonus advantage of purchasing these anti-snap bands in the form of extra accessories such as two cushioned door anchors and four large handles.

These additional accessories do reduce the time switching the door anchors and large handles from one location to the other.  


Anti- Snap Feature – 

Resistance tubes supplied by Supalak covered with a premium quality nylon sleeve, not only prevent you from getting hurt from snapped ends of resistance bands but also prove beneficial for protecting resistance bands from direct sunlight, water, and physical injury.

Resistance Offered – These tube exercise bands provide resistance in the range of 20 pounds (Red) to 150 pounds when all resistance bands are arranged in parallel to each other 

Customer Feedback – Overall, the product is good. A very few people complained of premature cracking and cheap material. 

Check out the resistance bands from Supalak her – 



Bonus Tips to prevent snapping of resistance bands for ordinary resistance bands


Though these specialized resistance bands are exclusively designed for better strength and safety. However, it doesn’t mean that the other resistance bands already in your kitty are unsafe and unreliable.

Here are the few tips which when applied religiously on the existing ordinary resistance bands prevents them from snapping –

  • Never anchor resistance bands around sharp objects
  • Look for discoloration, rough patches, and cracks as an early sign for possibilities of snapping.
  • Replace resistance bands immediately when they start showing signs of deterioration. 
  • The stickiness of rubber workout bands is the sign of deterioration of the rubber. Replace them without any second thought.
  • Never store resistance bands near heat sources and direct sunlight.
  • Use large size carrying bags, cabinets, and hangers for storing resistance bands without sharp turns.





The word ‘Anti- Snap’ doesn’t mean the resistance bands won’t break and that you can stretch them in whatever way you like. This technology does reduce the chances of snapping and injuring you to some extent but isn’t fool-proof. 


Multi-layered resistance bands form Rubberbanditz and fabric bands from Unique Addict choice are originally designed for un- breakability due to the interior design features of resistance bands.

However, the resistance bands kit by Bodylastic ( with reinforced nylon rope) and resistance bands system (With nylon protection Sleeve) by Supalak are designed for preventing the after-effects of snapping. 



All the four resistance bands, we recommended, gives you a glance of the kind of technology deployed for protecting us from injuries along the way. Now, you are well equipped to take your own decision for resistance bands based on the kind of technology you prefer.

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