Best Ways To Store Resistance Bands

Here I have provided the best tips and methods for storing resistance bands for people short of budget and also recommended other ready to use products available in the market.

Best ways to store resistance bands? Keep resistance bands away from heat, direct sunlight, and moisture while storing. Don’t stack bands over each other and make use of large-sized storage bags, hangers, and dedicated racks to ensure workout bands remain tangle-free. 

Don’t worry, if you are still scratching your head and asking ‘ BUT HOW.’

I have explained all the options in much more details along with supporting visuals for better understanding.

Let us jump straight to the answer –

Basic Rules to be followed to store resistance bands 

Before taking you to the accessories I recommend for storing resistance bands, it is crucial to discuss some principles that need to be followed for the storage of exercise bands. 

As long as you follow these rules in spirit, it doesn’t matter where you store these elastic rubber bands. For more tips and tricks to ensure the longevity of resistance bands, do read this article – Are resistance bands safe? 

Here are some of the principles that we need to follow –

  • Store resistance bands away from direct sunlight – 

The latex rubber is a natural substance that gets brittle when exposed to UV rays for a long time. So, exercise bands should not be stored under the open sky.

  • Keep resistance bands away from heat sources

There are various sources of heat in the house, such as DVD players, speakers, and kitchen areas, which produces continuous heat. Always store resistance bands in isolated places.

  • Don’t expose resistance bands to the moisture

The natural rubber used in the resistance bands often gets swelled by absorbing moisture, which affects elasticity and life of exercise bands.

  • Don’t store resistance bands stacked over each other

Mostly resistance bands develop cracks due to consistent tension at sharp bends during storage in tight net bags, which comes as part of the original product package.

Do not fold workout bands at sharp angles

  • Don’t store resistance bands near sharp objects

This suggestion is quite evident. Keep resistance bands in a completely separate compartment from other hard built fitness equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, kettle balls, etc.

  • Don’t apply any lubricant over resistance bands

Just cleaning with a piece of cloth damped with clean water is enough before storing workout bands as shown in this picture

Even if required, only use silicone grease that, too, in exceptional cases. Find more details on lubricants here – Do we need to lubricate resistance bands?

Here are the two kinds of silicone grease recommended from amazon for lubricating resistance bands.

1. Trident pure silicone grease by Trident  – 

2. Silicone extreme lubricant by Permatex  –

Do it yourself (DIY) Options for storing resistance bands – 

If you are short on budget, don’t worry. It is still okay to store resistance bands in the net bag or cotton bag that you receive from the manufacturer. Here is the net bag I received with my TRX suspension straps.

Some of you must have been using such kind of bags for storing resistance bands

I used the small cardboard box supplied by Black Mountain along with the resistance tube bands kit as under –

Those resistance bands worked fine for more than four years with low to medium usage.

However, a small investment in the right sized storage bags can increase the life of workout bands by a year, at least. 

There are several options available in every house which can fulfill all the principles laid down in STEP 1 for the storage of resistance bands. 

1️⃣ I found a large rectangular bag used initially for carrying shooting equipment lying vacant in my house. I used that bag to store my mini loop bands, power loop bands, fit tube bands, and figure 8 bands (which I purchased for my mom). 

Here is the rectangular that I used for storing resistance bands

large rectangular bag used for storing my resistance bands

Though bands are stacked around each other, but yet due to more prominent space, it is way better than the manufacturer-supplied jute bag.

2️⃣ The second option I found right in my house was the hangers fixed on the backside of the door.

Resistance bands hanging from hooks of cloth hanger on back side of the door

The real advantage of such a cheaper alternative is that it is so easy to hang and choose the bands during exercise. 

Additionally, it looks organized and graceful though mine is not that good, I agree.

3️⃣ The third option is to make use of the hangers we all have in the almirah. If you are fortunate enough to find some vacant space inside the almirah with hooks, then that is the perfect place to keep resistance bands.

Here is the portion of almirah, I luckily found for storing some of my resistance bands-

Resistance bands hanging in almirah of my house

Another option is to buy a small size almirah and get the hangers fitted from the carpenter.   

Visit this articlesmall space home gym hacks from brit to read 19 small space home gym hacks and get more ideas to organize home gym products, including resistance bands.

Ready To Use Resistance Bands Storage Options available in the online marketplace

If you don’t find DIY storage ideas as useful and interesting, there are some other options available online.

Though the variety of storage products exclusively for resistance bands are relatively limited, I have picked the best resistance bands stands to organize resistance bands with style.

  1. Resistance bands storage hanger from Bodylastic

Here you get a combo of two racks with 11 F shaped arms coming out from racks. All F shaped hooks are adequately spaced from each other. All the edges are rounded to avoid any damage to the rubber. 

This heavy-duty hanger has been made with 3mm thick iron sheet and powder coated to ensure that coating stays for decades. 

Resistance tube bands, loop bands, ankle straps, door anchors, ankle cuffs, and many other resistance band accessories can be hanged. 

You view more details here about the product from amazon here-

  1. Power systems Premium Rolling Standing Rack

This standing rack is similar in function to the resistance band rack from Bodylastic. However, if you don’t have enough wall space or don’t want to use a wall for hanging resistance bands and jump ropes, this steel made standing rack by Power System is an ideal choice. 

It comes with 14 arms slightly angled upwards and can hang 100 resistance tubes. Further, moving this stand within your house is an added advantage if you make use of makeshift arrangements for working out due to space constraints.

You can view the details of Premium Rolling Standing Rack from Amazon here –

  1. 11 Garage Hooks pack by REIUHG

The reason we have added this product in our recommendation list is for people tight on budget and interested in other customizable options. 

All buyers may not be having 20 or 50 resistance bands to be hanged over the racks. So it may not be a wise decision to buy the wall racks or standing racks for this purpose. 

The garage hooks are an ideal option to install in a pair of hooks or separately for multipurpose usage inside the house for hanging ropes, towels, water pipes, etc.

All hooks are built for heavy-duty usage with PVC coating to provide a smooth surface. These hooks come in 5 different sizes as part of the kit.

You can get more details of garage hooks from Amazon here – 

  1. Multipurpose gym bag from Yixinunique – 

If you are more of an outdoor person who prefers to do resistance training in open areas like parks and nearby seashore.

Then you can’t miss out on this large size heavy-duty gym bag made from waterproof fabric. It comes with numerous pockets to carry small resistance bands accessories like door anchors, pole anchor straps.

This bag comes with a wider opening and a more substantial capacity of 35 liters to ensure that resistance bands remain tangle-free.

A separate breathable shoe compartment is a bonus for your outdoor training.

You can get more details about the gym bag from Yixinunique here




Storing resistance bands is not rocket science. Just follow the principles of storing resistance bands as laid down at the starting of the above article. 

Think differently and find the options lying unexplored to provide a deserving place to the resistance bands. 

Alternatively, don’t hesitate to invest in dedicated racks built for resistance bands, which shall protect your resistance bands and other similar home gym equipment for years to come. 



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