Do Resistance Bands Help You Lose Weight – Facts Uncovered

Do Resistance Bands Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is the most popular and common goal people aim for. Every person even the laziest ones have once upon a time in his entire life must have thought over losing weight.

Weight loss especially needs serious attention when as per the World Health Organization in 2016 itself,

more than 1.9 billion adults ( 18 years and above) were overweight and out of these over 650 million were obese.

This means roughly at least 26% of the world population is overweight.

Am I making you bored with the above statistical data and diverting you from the main topic?

YES, I am doing the same but it is necessary to let you know that you are not alone in this world when even the most advanced country like the United States of America as in 2015-16 had 39.8% adults obese as per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (downloadable pdf file)


But you are already motivated and that’s why you are here. Right!


Do Resistance Bands help you lose weight?  The answer is ‘YES’ But weight, sorry WAIT, I mean.

You don’t need to be happy, it’s not that simple otherwise situation of obesity worldwide would not have been that serious.

One thing is sure, you might not be clear about what it takes to lose weight and that’s why you are looking for an answer to this query, I suppose…

Let me introduce to the process of weight loss in very basic terms which may not clear your entire concept but at least give you a possible answer to your question about the correlation between resistance bands and weight loss.

By the end of this article, you shall be able to learn –


1. What actually weight loss means?
2.Factors affecting weight loss
3. The most important factor to lose weight
4. Best way to lose weight
5. How resistance bands can help you lose weight?
6. My Final Opinion

Is it looking like an article on weight loose program! However, the purpose of providing the complete answer to your query won’t accomplish until you understand the basics of weight loss first.

Buddies already knowing the concepts may skip initial steps. But I recommend everyone to read them too.


Weight loss is not rocket science. It’s a simple mathematical formula

Calorie Intake – Calorie Expenditure = Weight Gain / Weight Loss.

If the result is positive, weight gain shall occur and if the outcome is negative, weight loss shall occur.

The complete weight loss program revolves around this formula only. And believe me, there is no way to escape this formula.

For an in-depth study about weight loss, go through this article how weight loss really works  by LiveStrong.


As I said earlier, to achieve a significant weight loss, you need to monitor this formula. It means you need to monitor the calories you are taking in your body and your physical activity.

So, as above, you might have guessed, there are broadly two factors affecting weight loss

  1. Your diet
  2. Your activity level

There is one more hidden factor which is your metabolism rate which actually means the rate at which your body converts the food into calories required for essential working of body parts and your day to day activities.

The reason I have kept metabolism out of the scope of factors affecting weight loss is that your metabolism is dependent upon several factors like your genetics, environment, age, gender etc.

In fact, researches are not able to ascertain what causes people of the same gender, age, weight, activity level to have different metabolism rates.

So, worrying about a factor which we can’t control on a major part, shall be a sheer waste of time, isn’t it!

Giving a detailed explanation about metabolism shall force me to divert entirely from our topic.

To read more about metabolism, go through 9 facts to clear doubts about metabolism by Julia Belluz


There are two major factors affecting weight, as I discussed above.

However, which factor needs more attention? That’s a million-dollar question!

Let me give you a brief introduction to both factors first.

  • Your diet means  you need to monitor what you are eating to be able to know how much calories you are taking in your body
  • Your activity level means your day to day activities like roaming on street, shopping, playing with kids and exercise.

Now, as you already know, your body needs to be in a calorie deficit state to lose weight. For this, any of the above factors shall work until you are making your body calorie deficit.

Roughly, if you are able to create a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day, you will almost lose 1 pound of weight in one week.

That said, Controlling your diet can definitely help you lose weight because it makes you calorie deficit.

And if you increase your activity level by doing exercises and participating in active sports, that may also help you lose weight due to higher calorie expenditure which in turn makes body calorie deficient.

Confused now about which factor is most beneficial to you…

The answer is quite obvious, you need to be calorie deficient in either case. Either increase activity level or restrict diet by looking for healthier options.


As I said earlier, you can adopt any of the above factors but there are some pros and cons of both.

Let me explain to you a bit…

As per the research paper published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information –

Restricting diet alone may provide help to lose weight but won’t build your muscle mass and your cardiovascular fitness. But in fact, slow down your metabolism rate and decrease your existing muscle mass.

Increasing activity level alone without calorie restriction won’t help you lose weight but provide several other benefits like increased muscle mass, better cardiovascular performance, and increased metabolism.

So, restricting diet is a preliminary task to lose weight


Exercising along with diet control is the most healthiest way to lose weight which is mostly fat while increasing muscle mass.


If you have read the earlier part of this article which basically clears your concept about weight loss, then you shall be well equipped to understand what I am going to explain here…

Lets begin…

As you know, weight loss is all about making body calorie deficit which can be made by restricting diet ( I don’t mean to cut down meals) alone. There is one more factor that can help you assist in accelerating weight loss which is exercise.

And by exercise, I mean strength training or we can say weight training.

It doesn’t matter that you are exercising with resistance bands or dumbbells or gym machines as long as you are adequately putting muscles under tension.

Resistance bands just like free weights such as dumbbells provide strength training.

Just follow this in-depth resource do resistance bands really work? , in case you have doubts about the capabilities of resistance bands as a primary piece of equipment for strength training.

You can also intensify your normal body weight workouts at home by putting mini loop resistance bands between the legs while doing squats, jumping jacks and use fit tube resistance bands for upper body part exercises.

Personally, I, most of the time prefers power loop resistance bands being a heavy-duty resistance band ( provides resistance up to 230 pounds) which you can buy here.

Check out detailed resistance bands exercises by Chris Freytag titled – strength exercises with resistance bands 

Please keep in mind that strength training with any equipment including resistance bands provides weight loss only if the diet is controlled along with the adequate training to create a calorie deficit state.

I personally have known the cases where weight has increased with strength training which is due to no control over diet.

This mostly happens due to increased muscle mass by weight training which adds on to the existing fat mass giving you round and chubby look instead of lean body.

Strength training with resistance bands is known to increase metabolism rate for a long duration of time even after the exercise is finished thereby burning more calories even at rest as compared to an inactive person.


As per the research paper published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information,

Rate of weight loss was similar after ET (Exercise Training) and caloric restriction (1.0 kg/week) and caloric restriction alone (0.98 kg/week).”

It means that exercise i.e, diet control alone or in combination with strength training shall result in almost similar weight loss as an increase in metabolism with strength training hardly makes any noticeable increase in calories expenditure during the whole day.

This fact is not to discourage you from strength training and this doesn’t mean you should not do strength training with resistance bands.

You build muscle mass with strength training along with greater cardiovascular performance which in turn supports you in cardio workouts for increasing calorie expenditure.

Further, strength training shapes your body and makes you energetic even if you don’t lose weight.


So, do resistance bands help you lose weight?

YES, resistance bands do help you lose weight by providing you strength training like dumbbells, barbells which in turn increase your metabolism rate of the body

Though increased metabolism won’t burn noticeable calories during the day, but it definitely increases muscle mass to support skeleton structure during high intensity or low-intensity cardio sessions thereby preventing injuries.

As per the mayo clinic,

It is advisable to include alternate day aerobic workout at least for 30 minutes each and strength workout at least twice a week.

Further, adopting an active lifestyle with more than 5000 steps per day is key to achieving a lean body that looks and feels awesome.

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