How Do I Make DIY Door Anchor For Resistance Bands

How do i make DIY door anchor for resistance bands

The door anchors are an excellent addition for the resistance bands lovers. These anchors provide an opportunity to train the body from infinite angles.

But what should we do if we do not have a door anchor? Should I buy a new one?

Well, making door anchors by using home-based stuff is not as difficult as you may be thinking. There are several ways to make your door anchors, which I shall be discussing in this article.

So how do you make your home-made door anchor? A home-made door anchor needs to be made from a soft and flat piece of cloth/strap with cotton/nylon material, which should be able to keep resistance band firm in position.  The obstacle which prevents the anchor from slipping out of the door needs to be relatively bigger. That obstacle can be a knot or some solid plastic or iron object in any shape.

It is quite apparent that you will need some kind of raw material /object which is modified into a door anchor.


Now, you must be feeling anxious about whether that kind of stuff is available in your home!

Fortunately, I will reveal some of the waste materials that can easily be given the shape of door anchors. And I am pretty sure that you must be able to find out one of that stuff lying unutilized in some corner of your home.


Here is the index of what you will learn by the end of this article-


What are the design features that you need to pick from professionally built door anchors?


Methods for making your own, home-made door anchors


By making use of socks


By making use of scrap T-shirt


By making use of a belt


Ready to purchase door anchors in the market


My final opinion


Bonus resource

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Let us quickly get into the topic-

let me first explain to you how door anchors work in actual conditions.

Here is the kind of ready-made door anchors that I keep in my house for resistance band workouts.

As you can observe, a company manufactured door anchor is made from a high-density nylon strap having a solid piece of a block in rectangular or cylindrical shape inserted at one end of the strap.

The presence of block prevents the nylon strap from slipping under pressure from the door during high-intensity resistance bands exercises.


1. What are the design features that you need to pick from these professionally built door anchors?

As door anchors are subjected to high tension from the tube resistance bands and power loop bands during workouts. The strength and durability of door anchors play a crucial role in avoiding any mishaps.

Here are some of the qualities that we want to have in home-made door anchors-

a. The size of the block-

The size of the block matters a lot. It prevents the strap from coming out of the gaps of the door. The size of the block should be larger than the gap around the corners of the door.

If you carefully observe the edges of the door on all four sides, you will find that the gap on the hinge side of the door is much lesser as compared to the other three sides.

That means the block, which works like a breeze on the hinge side of the door, may not work on the other three sides of the door.



One of my older door anchors, which I used to exercise with about 5 to 6 years earlier, had a comparatively smaller rectangular size of the block. As a result, this door anchor used to slip out from the other three sides of the door. It used to work perfectly okay on the hinges side of the door.

Block size of different door anchor types

So, the larger size of the block is always favorable while making your door anchors.


b. The material and shape of the strap-

The first and foremost requirement is that it should be a strap. That means, its surface should be flat and thin without any compromise with the strength of the fabric.

If the surface of the strap is not flat, then you will not be able to close the door properly with the door anchor installed on the sides of the door.

Secondly, such a strap should be made out of nylon/cotton.

No back and forth movement of resistance band in nylon cotton door anchor

The above picture shows a door anchor made from nylon which prevents skidding of resistance band during workout.

Further, the resistance band should not move back-and-forth through the loop of the door anchor as the back-and-forth movement creates friction and heat, which may damage the rubber material of resistance bands over time.

Back and forth movement of resistance band in an ordinary door anchor

The above picture shows back and forth movement of the resistance band in case of an ordinary strap used for making the door anchor, producing heat as a result.

Shape and material of different door anchor types

Thirdly, ensure that nylon or cotton-based strap you use, should provide a soft touch to the resistance bands, which is essential when dealing with soft rubber of the exercise bands as shown in the above picture.


2. Methods for making your own home-made door anchors-

Here are the number of the ways that can be used for building a home-made door anchor for resistance bands-


A) By making use of socks-

Well, I am confident that you can easily find out a pair of socks getting dust somewhere in your house.

Pair of old socks for making door anchor

The socks are ideal candidates for making door anchors, due to their cotton fabric and a flat surface similar to the commercial door anchors available in the market.

Here are the steps you need to take for making door anchor with socks-

a) Tie a knot on both sides of the socks. Make sure that the knot is tight enough under actual conditions.

Tie a knot on both sides of socks for making DIY door anchor

b) Fix that socks over door side in such a fashion that the knots are not visible to you. It means that the middle loop should be facing you.
c) Make sure that the size of the knot is much larger than the gaps on the door sides to avoid the chance of slipping.
d) Now simply pass the resistance band through the loop end of the socks and use this classic home-made door anchor for your workouts.

DIY door anchor using a pair of socks


Here is a warning for you. Do check the strength and viability of such a door anchor. Do not use the highest size resistance band directly with the above home-made door anchors. Test the setup with lighter color resistance bands before progressing further with higher-intensity resistance workouts.

Make it a habit to regularly check the door anchor for any signs of damage as safety is paramount.


B) By making use of scrapped T-shirt-

An old T-shirt for making door anchor at home

Here are the steps you need to take for making door anchor right in your home using any scrapped T-shirt-

a) Tie a big knot on the lower side of the T-shirt. And your door anchor is ready.
b) Now, install this door anchor on any side of the door with the knot side facing away on the other side of the door.

An old T-shirt being used for making DIY door anchor at home
c) Pass the resistance band through the arms of the T-shirt.

T-shirt door anchor made at home
d) Again, the stability and reliability of this kind of door anchor highly depend upon the fabric quality of the T-shirt.


C) By making use of a belt (preferably made from cotton or nylon)-

Anchor strap for DIY door anchor.jpg

I found a belt of my child made from cotton, which was dumped somewhere in his almirah as shown in the above picture.

You can find similar kind of stuff like a strap handle found with the bags or a runner’s waist belt.

I found a strap to be a much better option as compared to the socks and T-shirts in terms of design, durability, and practicality.

There are two ways of transforming this strap into the door anchor-

a. By tying a solid object on one end of the belt-

Skipping rope handle for making door anchor

In my case, I found the solid rubber handle of the skipping rope in my house as shown in the above picture. You can find a similar object to tie on one side of the strap.

Here are the steps you need to take-

a) Wrap the strap multiple times over the handle, which creates friction between the surfaces of the strap and handle for a firm grip.
b) Tie a solid knot near the handle in such a way that it remains secured under high tension. Alternatively, you can double stitch the loose end near the handle for the perfect finish.

Making door anchor using belt and plastic handle
c) Make a small loop on the other end of the strap. Double stitch the knot to make loop sustainable under high tension resistance bands exercises.

Final DIY door anchor made using an old belt and handle


You can further take this door anchor one step further by adding foam like finish to the loop end where resistance band comes into contact with the anchor.

Cut the socks for adding foam to door anchor

Take old socks. Cut open the closed side of the socks so that it resembles a hollow tunnel as shown in the above picture.

Double fold the socks to reduce its length and increase fluffiness.

DIY door anchor with foam covering

Now just wrap it over the loop end of the strap before stitching it finally.

b. By tying a solid object at the middle length of the strap (without stitching)-

The first and foremost requirement in this method is that the strap should have a good quality buckle attached to it, making a close loop.

Here are the steps that you need to follow-

a) Fold the belt at the mid-length. Tie a knot around the handle at the loop end of the belt.
b) Now buckle up the belt to make a closed-loop. Just in case you do not have a buckle, then again, you will need to stitch the loose ends of the strap with a durable fabric.

DIY door anchor by tying handle in middle of the strap
c) Alternatively, old socks with open ends can be wrapped around the free loop end of the strap to provide a soft touch to the resistance bands as done in the previous method.


Once you have made your door anchor, it is time to install it around the door in a safe and recommended manner. Installation of door anchor requires a separate set of instructions that you most probably be unaware of.

📑  I recommend you to go through this article (where I discussed the best practices of installing door anchors and the types of door anchors to choose before placing any order) – Installing Door Anchor For Resistance Bands – Best Tips


3. Ready to use door anchors in the market-

Just in case, you are interested in buying a new door anchor instead of creating your own, here are some of the excellent quality door anchors that you can buy online-

  • Affordable door anchor at Unique Addict store – The door anchors as sold by the Unique Addict store are not a huge investment. These heavy-duty door anchors are incredibly affordable and made with high-density nylon webbing. Further, you can use them on all the four sides of the door for achieving infinite plains of movements for resistance band exercises.
  • Door anchors attachment from Dalocy -This heavy-duty door anchor from Dalocy comes with padded foam, and high-strength stitching (available on

This anchor is also attachable to all four sides of the door.


4. My Final Opinion-

Making door anchors right in your home is super easy. However, the resistance bands, along with the accessories used during workouts, are subjected to extreme pressures.

The home-made door anchors for resistance bands can be a good option for the beginners who are training with comparatively lower resistance exercise bands.

The resistance bands are high-risk fitness equipment that can severely injure you in case of any mishappenings like snapping, slipping, etc.

Several incidents have been reported in the past many decades, where people lost their eyesight permanently.

My purpose here is not to create panic, but to create awareness about safety protocol while dealing with resistance bands and its accessories. Taking recommended precautionary practices is compulsory, whether you use home-made resistance bands or accessories like door anchors or buy them from the market.


5. Bonus Resource –

I am sure that you must have resistance bands, and that is why you are looking for a door anchor to explore the new possibilities with existing bands.

Just in case, your friend or distant relative or your elders need a cheaper home-made alternative to the expensive resistance bands.

📑  Here is a fantastic article that I made for this purpose.  I have mentioned some of the unique methods of making home-made resistance bands by using dumped material – How Do I Make My Own Resistance Band At Home – Best Tips And Tricks



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