How Do I Make My Own Resistance Band At Home

How do i make my own resistance bands at home

The resistance bands are an extremely versatile piece of fitness equipment.  There is no doubt in the potential of resistance bands when it comes to fitness for ordinary people and professional athletes looking for home workouts.

Here I am going to provide you some ideas for making resistance bands at home by using the waste material lying in the storerooms. The effectiveness and safety of home-made resistance bands to a large extent depend upon the quality of material and workmanship.

At the end of the article, I shall be providing my own opinion on home-made resistance bands.

❝ Hi, I am Ravi, your companion and a passionate fitness athlete, cyclist, runner, gym enthusiast who just loves the concept of resistance bands for their extreme flexibility. I have been using resistance bands as one of my primary fitness equipment for the last many years ❞

As you know that resistance bands are made from natural rubber. As a result, resistance bands provide resistance by stretching the rubber. So, any material which is stretchable can be suitable for making resistance bands.

Types of materials that can be used for making resistance bands 

Here are the following type of materials which can come in handy while making the resistance bands right at your home-

Types of material used for making own home made resistance bands

  • Parachute cord.
  • Bicycle tubes.
  • Surgical tubing.
  • Large size rubber bands.

If you have any material which is as stretchable as resistance bands, it should work for you.

As I had been doing cycling for a long time, I had a few bicycle tubes in spare with me. I decided to use those bicycle tubes for making resistance bands right at home.

You can make use of other stretchy material in place of bicycle tubes, however, the procedure shall remain somewhat similar. 

There are three ways of using bicycle tubes – 

The bicycle tubes can be transformed into three different types of commercially available resistance bands listed as under –

1) Power loop resistance bands –

Here is one such sturdy power loop resistance band sold by us for your reference, please.

Power Loop Resistance band

2) Therapy style resistance bands-

Here is one such therapy style resistance band sold by us for your reference, please.

Therapy style resistance bands

3) Tube resistance bands –

Here is one such premium tube resistance band sold by us for your reference, please.

 Tube resistance bands

➥ NOTE – If you are new to resistance bands and looking for budget options, I would first suggest you go through this in-depth article, I especially made for beginners – Types of resistance bands and their uses

Let us discuss the exact procedure to convert bicycle tubes into the above three resistance bands types

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Bicycle tubes in form of a loop-

Bicycle tubes by default, are in the form of a big loop. In their original form, without any modification, they appear similar to the power loop resistance bands. The power loop resistance bands are the flat tube resistance bands without any loose ends.

Here is the bicycle tube I used for replicating power loop exercises.

Bicycle tube  in loop form as power loop resistance band

So, bicycle tubes in their original form can be used for performing exercise similar to the power loop resistance bands like squats, deadlifts, biceps curl, bent over row, triceps extension and several other exercises. 

Here are the kind of exercises that can be performed with bicycle tubes in loop form –

Exercises with bicycle tube loop as resistance band


If you have an iron rod or a wooden log somewhere lying in your house, the same can be used as a handle with bicycle tube for certain exercises for a better experience as shown in the picture below –

Bicycle tube loop with wooden handle for use as resistance band

Bicycle tube cut into a long tube with radial ends-

Alternatively, bicycle tubes can be cut on one side to provide them the shape of therapy style resistance bands with radial ends as shown in the picture below –

Bicycle tube cut in to a bicycle tube with radial ends

Now bicycle tubes in such shape can be used for stretching exercises along with exercises for arms and chest like biceps curl, chest press, etc.

Bicycle tube with handles on each side-

If you want to transform bicycle tubes with radial ends, into a tube resistance band, then handles needs to be attached on both ends. The provision of handles on ends increases the usability of bicycle tubes multiple times. 

Here I used resistance bands handles on both open ends of bicycle tube to replicate tube resistance bands –

Bicycle tube attached with resistance band handles

Just in case, you don’t have foam handles as in the above case, you can make your own handles or buy reasonably priced resistance band handles with details as follows – ?

Here are the heavy-duty resistance band handles sold by Unique Addict store with 15 days Return Guarantee –

Resistance Band Handle

For making handles on both sides of bicycle tubes,

a. Make two small loops on both sides of the bicycle tube.

b. Now insert a pair of hand towels in the loops on both sides of bicycle tubes.

Bicycle tube with hand towels for use as resistance band

c. Now tighten the loops on both sides so that hand towels are firm in their place.

Providing handles on both sides of the bicycle tubes gives them the ability to simulate the exercises which are usually performed with the dumbbells and barbells like shoulder raise, biceps curl, triceps extension, and such exercises.

Resistance band exercises with bicycle tube having handles attached

My final opinion-

The resistance bands can be made in several ways, including the above method. However, resistance bands are used in exercises where extremely high tension is applied to the resistance bands.

In such a case, if resistance bands made from inferior quality material is used, it will prove fatal.

Even the knots you make while attaching handles with bicycle tubes are not secured enough when subjected to high pulling forces from exercises.

There are numerous cases reported in the case of resistance bands where they would break in the middle of exercise under full tension and cause injuries to eyes and dental bones. 

That is the reason, I always recommend our readers buying this product from while resistance bands exercises as eyes are invaluable and they deserve some protection at least – 

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➥ Just check this article which discusses the potential of injuries with the resistance bands and some conclusive remedies to prevent those injuries- Are resistance bands safe – Best practical tips?

As such, the resistance bands cannot be treated as home-made toys and other decorative items made just for fun.

So I recommend that in case of resistance bands training, you should avoid using home-made alternatives for making resistance bands.

However, if the purpose of making resistance bands is light stretching and toning muscles, then home-made resistance bands can be a good option. Avoid doing high-intensity exercises with home-made resistance bands at all costs.



The resistance bands are way cheaper as compared to the bulky counterparts like dumbbells and barbells. The therapy style resistance bands and many loop resistance bands start from as low as two dollars. 

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If you are starting from scratch. I would recommend going for the lowest priced resistance bands for your kids and older people. Get the feel about the resistance bands and check whether you want to go for resistance bands or not.


“Do take precautions while practicing with home-made resistance bands.”

Share your experience and ideas on home-made resistance bands in the comments.  We will love to hear your opinion and suggestions. 



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