How Much Do Resistance Bands Cost?

How much do resistance bands cost?

Are you considering buying the resistance bands for taking your fitness to the next level! Look no further.

Many congratulations to you for making the right decision as the resistance bands are incomparable when it comes to the budget options for fitness equipment.

Here I am going to provide an overview of the types of resistance bands, their sizes, and their cost variation as per the features. I have arranged all the resistance bands types in order of increasing cost.

Further, I shall also give them a score based on the return on investment for the money you invest in an individual resistance band.

How much do resistance bands cost? The resistance bands are the cheapest options available for the overall fitness considering the features that these bands provide. Mini loop bands cost as low as few dollars, whereas the power loop resistance bands may cost up to hundreds of dollars depending upon the amount of resistance they provide. The tube resistance bands generally are affordable, depending upon the quality and accessories included in the kit.

Why the price of the resistance bands varies so widely when all bands work similarly? What is so special about the resistance bands, that they may cost much higher? Which resistance bands provide the best return on investment in terms of fitness gains?

The above queries must be coming up in your brain after reading the above answer. No worries! I have provided a detailed explanation for all the above questions.

Here in the index of what you are going to learn by the end of this article-


Why the cost of the resistance bands varies so widely?


Are resistance bands worth the investment?


Classification of resistance bands based on the cost


Therapy style resistance bands


Mini loop resistance bands


      Tube resistance bands


Power loop resistance bands


Exclusive resistance bands with innovative designs


My final opinion

Do check the score that I am going to give to the above-mentioned resistance bands based on the return on investment.

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❝ Hi, I am Ravi, your companion and a passionate fitness athlete, cyclist, runner, gym enthusiast who just loves the concept of resistance bands for their extreme flexibility. I have been using resistance bands as one of my primary fitness equipment for the last many years ❞

Let us begin-

Why the cost of resistance bands varies so widely?

The resistance bands are made out of the latex rubber or non-latex rubber and provide resistance through stretching. The only parameter that varies among the resistance bands is the design and dimensions.

Variety of resistance bands based on the dimensions and designs

The resistance bands are incredibly versatile. However, every resistance bands have their own set of exercises where you feel most comfortable while doing exercises.

Further, different body parts require different levels of resistance to train them. That means the small muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, neck muscles need less resistance. In contrast, muscle groups such as chest muscles, back muscles, and leg muscles require a very high amount of resistance to train them.

From the above two paragraphs, it can be concluded that there are two factors which decide the price of resistance bands –

1) Resistance

2) Comfort

The analysis of the various types of resistance bands shall be based on the above two factors in relevance to the cost.

Are resistance bands worth the investment?

This question is very generic, and some of you must be confused to even buy resistance bands in the first place.

From my own experience with the resistance bands, I can conclude that the kind of versatility they provide for their cost makes them a real deal.

Two or three pairs of different resistance bands can replace all the gym exercises. I always keep a small kit of resistance bands at home in a little corner of the storeroom and work out when I am short of time or feel like doing it.

Here are the few pairs of resistance bands i always keep in my home kit

Resistance Bands kit used by the author

These bands work as a primary as well as the secondary workout plan for me and keep switching between outdoor/indoor workouts at will.

Some people may argue that resistance bands do not provide adequate resistance as required for building muscles. Further, they have the lowest life span.

My answer – Just explore the market of resistance bands with open eyes; you would be mesmerized by the variety and potential of resistance bands.

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Classification of resistance bands based on cost –

As said earlier, resistance bands come in different designs and sizes with their own story to support their production.

On broad terms, the resistance bands have been divided into four types –

  • Therapy style resistance bands 
  • Mini loop resistance bands
  • Tube resistance bands
  • Power loop resistance bands

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Most of the resistance bands sold in the commercial space come from the above four types of exercise bands.

Let us discuss each of the resistance band types in terms of their increasing costing and corresponding effectiveness.

a. Therapy style resistance bands –

ROI ( Return on investment)  – 4/10

Price – Extremely Low

Therapy style resistance bands

The therapy bands are the simplest forms of elastic bands available in the market. They are the plain, long and extra- wide rubber sheets with open ends. Due to their lowest production costs, the therapy style bands are the cheapest among all major types of resistance bands.

Why I rated them 4/10 for their return on the investment?

These therapy bands are arguably the thinnest rubber sheets you would have ever seen. That means their resistance is also among the lowest. As the name suggests, they are preliminary meant for yoga lovers for their stretching routines as shown in the picture below

Stretching with therapy style bands

Older people may benefit a lot from these bands for full-body toning by anchoring therapy bands under the feet.

The reason I deducted six points from therapy bands is their lowest most resistance. They are just meant for warm-up sessions and stretching, toning of muscles.


For full-body toning, you can add accessories such as handles with D-rings or just an iron/wooden rod or even hand towel as shown in the picture

Therapy resistance band with handles on both ends

Anchor therapy bands under your feet from the mid-length and perform a biceps curl, triceps curl, shoulder raise, bent-over rowing, and low-intensity squats.

➤ Here is the one such Therapy style bands for your reference, please. 


b. Mini loop resistance bands –

ROI (return on investment) – 5/10

Price- Low 

Mini Loop Resistance Bands

The mini loop resistance bands, as the name suggests, are the flat and wide rubber sheets joined together to make a mini loop. They don’t have open ends. That means, they are not suitable for exercise, where you need to hold the ends of resistance bands in the hands.

Why I rated them 5/10 for their return on investment?

Mini loop resistance bands are preliminary meant for doing leg exercises by wrapping around the thighs or below knees for activities such as butt kicks, lunges, squats, leg raise, plank with toe-tapping, etc.

It means that the usability of resistance bands is only limited to the lower body as shown in the picture below –

Exercises With mini loop bands

However, a few upper body exercises or stretches may also be done for upper body parts. But they are minimal.

Therefore, as a standalone fitness accessory, they have been rated five out of 10.

NOTE –  

The mini loop resistance bands provide resistance only up to 20 to 80 Pounds. So, they are most suitable for beginners. The intermediate athletes may also use them for training inner and outer thigh muscles through bridges, leg abduction, leg abduction as shown in the picture- 

Muscles targeted with mini loop resistance bands

➤ Check the one such example of Mini loop resistance bands here.

c.Tube resistance bands-

ROI (Return on Investment) – 9/10.

Price – Medium

Tube resistance bands

Tube resistance bands are the hollow cylindrical tubes, which come in the form of a kit along with accessories. They have clips on both sides for attaching accessories such as door anchors, ankle cuffs, and waist-belt attachments.

Why I rated them 9/10 for return on investment?

The tube resistance bands are the mediator between the dumbbells, barbells, and the elastic resistance bands. The cylindrical bands are the most practical rubber bands, which have been made for the masses.

These bands can simulate all the dumbbells and barbell exercises. All the body parts can easily be trained with the tube resistance bands kit alone. That is the reason; the tube resistance bands have been rated so high.

Here is the picture showing a resemblance between the tube resistance bands and dumbbells –

Resemblance between dumbbell and resistance band exercises

One point has been deducted due to the reason that they do not provide as high resistance as may be required by advanced athletes. Further, there are some exercises such as squat walk, bridges, deadlifts and leg press, where you may not feel as comfortable with tube resistance bands as shown in the picture for squat walks –

Tube resistance bands are not comfortable for squat walks


The tube resistance bands generally provide resistance in the range of 8 to 60 pounds. The yellow and blue color resistance bands are the best tor the beginners. In contrast, the green, black, and red color tube resistance bands are suitable for intermediate athletes who have done at least two years of training.

d. Power loop resistance bands –

ROI (Return on Investment)  -7/10.

Price- Medium to high depending upon the resistance

Power loop resistance bands

The power loop resistance bands are the flat and thick rubber sheets that come in the form of the circle. As such, the power loop, resistance bands do not have radial ends.

Why I rated them 7/10 for return on investment?

The power loop bands are the enlarged version of mini loop resistance bands.  However, their potential is much higher as compared to the mini loop bands. These bands are famous for calisthenics exercises such as chin-ups, pullups, etc.

Further, all the major muscle groups such as back, chest, leg and shoulder muscles can easily be trained with exercises such as the deadlift, leg press, chest press, squat, rowing, shoulder press, among others.

Here is the picture showing the popular workouts, the power loop bands are used for –

Exercises with power loop resistance bands

The reason I deducted three points from the return on investment is due to the absence of handles. Doing the exercise with power loop bands is usually not as comfortable as with tube resistance bands. Further, these bands are not suited for beginners. 

➤ Check here the one such Power loop resistance bands here. 


The power loop bands can provide resistance up to 230 pounds depending upon their thickness. All body parts, including biceps, triceps, and calf muscles, can be worked out with power loop bands.

These bands are best suitable for intermediate and advanced athletes. People with experience of at least two years under their hood can use power loop bands. Advanced fitness enthusiasts can also benefit from power bands of resistance in excess of 150 pounds.

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Exclusive resistance bands with innovative designs –

While four types of resistance bands I just explained can be found everywhere, these innovative bands have been crafted to master a bunch of few exercises only. In some cases, they overcome the limitations of conventional exercise bands by improvising the design.

Let me introduce you to these exclusive ranges of resistance bands products.

NOTE I have not rated these bands on any scale because they are not built for the mass population. While some categories of people may feel obliged to use them, other buddies may declare them useless.

Rate based on your individual needs.


a. Fabric Mini Loop Resistance bands  –

Price – Medium (actual rates keep varying)

Mini Loop Resistance Band with cloth fabric

These mini loop bands are made with a combination of fabric and latex rubber. The loop bands have been designed to overcome the common issue with mini loop resistance bands. The mini loop resistance bands keep rolling from their original position when wrapped around the legs.

This happens due to the slippery rubber surface of the resistance bands. Further, skin irritation and infection is another reason which gave fabric loop bands another push into the commercial market. 

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The fabric bands are significantly broader and thicker than mini loop bands. The fabric bands, when worn around the legs for lower body exercises, provides a soothing feel of cloth. Due to the presence of interwoven fabric threads, these bands have better hold over the skin thereby avoiding frequent interruptions.

Here is the picture showing the difference in dimensions of fabric resistance bands and mini loop resistance bands- 

Comparison between the fabric resistance bands and booty bands


Not everything is cheesy about the fabric bands. Due to the use of fabric, they don’t expand as much as latex and non- latex rubber bands. As a result, they provide a lower range of motion and comparatively higher resistance, which is not going to suit beginners.


 b. Gym Stick Resistance bands –

Price  – High

Gym stick resistance bands

The Gym Stick resistance bands are the fusion of the gym stick and the resistance bands. These innovative resistance bands have been designed to simulate all the possible barbell exercises.

Here, we get a foldable gym stick with a pair of resistance bands connected on each side of the gym stick. On the other side of the resistance bands, instead of the regular foam handles, simple loops made from nylon strap are attached.

The nylon loop straps can easily be anchored around the feet while holding the gym stick in hands. All body parts can be worked out with these exclusive resistance bands.

Gym stick resistance bands exercises

Exercising with the gym stick resistance bands is altogether a different experience. However, due to the lower scope of varying resistance as you get stronger over time, they are best suited for the beginners.

➤ Here are one such Gym stick resistance bands offered by Unique Addict store.


c. Swimming resistance bands –

 Price – Medium

The above resistance bands, as the name implies, are meant for swimmers. The only difference between the swimming resistance bands and the popular tube resistance bands is the presence of paddles in swimming bands instead of the foam handles.

The paddles let you keep hands and wrist in the same position as swimmers keep while swimming underwater in actual conditions. All the swimming strokes can be simulated overland with these smartly designed swimming resistance bands.

➤ Here are one such Swimming resistance bands offered by Unique Addict store.

d. Chest expander- 

Price-  Medium

The chest expander is the combination of multiple tube bands attached in parallel between two large handles. Each band is fitted in their slots of the handles. All the bands are attachable and detachable in quick and easy steps.

As above, the resistance of chest expanders can be very quickly increased or decreased while switching between the exercises. The chest expander, as the name suggests, is preliminary meant for chest expansion exercises. However, they can also be used for biceps, triceps, and back exercises with a little modification here and there.


As per my experience with chest expanders, they provide comparatively higher resistance as compared to the conventional tube resistance bands. As such, the beginners are not advised to use chest expanders. Their use is limited to a restricted set of exercises. People with over two years of fitness training can benefit from chest expanders for sure.

➤ Here are one such Chest Expanders offered by Unique Addict store.


e. Thigh training resistance bands  –

 Price – Medium

Thigh training resistance bands

These resistance bands are exclusively used for the dynamic workout of the thigh muscles. There are two thigh cuffs wrapped around each of the thighs. Multiple tube bands can be attached between the thigh cuffs depending upon the intensity of burn you need to provide to the leg muscles.

Such resistance bands are specifically useful for professional athletes who want to improve their reflexes during crucial moments in the sports arena.

➤ Here are one such Thigh training resistance bands offered by Unique Addict store.


f. Booty Training resistance bands  –


Booty training resistance bands

The name says it all; these booty bands are specially designed for glute muscles. Here you get a waist belt and a pair of ankle cuffs. A couple of tube bands are connected between the waist and the ankle cuffs. Such an arrangement makes every leg movement during sports, and cardio sessions much more intense.

You can also use booty trainers for making your lunges, squats, and butt kicks harder for faster gains.

➤ Here are one such Booty Training Resistance Bands offered by Unique Addict store.


g. Foot Pedal Exerciser  –

Price – Low

Pedal exerciser

Foot pedal exerciser works best for beginners and elders who want to tone their bodies with minimum hassles. There is a super soft and large handle provided on one side, while a big foot pedal is provided on the other side.  So, you don’t need to worry about attaching the handles and other accessories before beginning the relevant resistance exercises.

These resistance band pedal exercisers have been designed to work right out of the box for people who are entirely new to the fitness world.

 ➤ Here are one such Foot pedal exerciser offered by Unique Addict store.


h. Ankle Resistance Bands  –


Ankle training resistance bands

These bands are similar to the thigh training bands, with only differences in the attachments used. Here, a pair of ankle cuffs are used instead of the thigh cuffs as used in the thigh trainer. As in the lateral case, multiple resistance bands are attached between the ankle cuffs to provide the real-time dynamic workout to ankle, calf, and upper leg muscles to remain ahead in the game of sports. 

  ➤ Here are one such Ankle Training Resistance Bands offered by Unique Addict store.


i. Figure Eight Resistance Bands – 

Price – Low

Figure eight resistance bands

These workout bands are molded in the shape of eight with soft foam handles on both sides for a comfortable grip. 

There may be two loops or multiple loops within figure-eight resistance bands up to seven depending upon the length of figure eight-band desired. Such resistance bands work best for people who aim for general fitness without any specific goals in mind. Senior citizens shall love these bands the most due to their lower resistance and comfortable grips.

   ➤ Here is one such Figure Eight Resistance Bands offered by Unique Addict store.


Final Opinion –

As explained in this article, every resistance bands have their own specialties. Thankfully, the resistance bands come in all range of prices which are affordable by all classes of consumers.

Higher priced resistance band does not mean that it should work best for you. Introspect your fitness level, your requirements and decide which kind of resistance bands should work best for you.

Do not overspend the money for a specific brand when you can purchase a reasonable quality, resistance bands at a much lesser cost. The resistance bands being made with natural rubber, are bound to decay with time, no matter how much you care for them.

In my opinion, there is a no-brainer in purchasing the tube resistance bands kit for wholesome exercises of the complete body. Additionally, buying two or three different level power loop resistance bands can take your workout regimen to the next level.

As stated earlier, there are numerous types of resistance bands to choose from the markets.

The resistance bands, no doubt, are the most affordable option for tangible gains in fitness. Those who claim that the resistance bands are weak and unreliable. I would say that for the body, the only thing that matters is the resistance, no matter from where you provide this to your body.

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