Resistance Bands Training vs. Body-weight Training

The bodyweight exercises are gaining momentum thanks to the rising Instagram and tik-tok trends.

After all, we don’t need any specific gear to perform bodyweight exercises. Anyone and everyone are eligible to perform bodyweight exercises.

However, the BIG QUESTION is that are bodyweight exercises as simple to perform as it looks to you. The answer is ‘NO.’ It is what I realized once when I tried to copy others.


Here I am going to provide the importance, challenges, and risks associated with bodyweight training and how resistance bands can assist you in achieving your goals.

The most common anxieties and doubts regarding resistance training and bodyweight exercises shall be answered.



So, how do we differentiate the resistance bands training from the bodyweight training? The resistance band training is an extremely flexible program that may assist or even resist the bodyweight exercises. In contrast, bodyweight training is limited in scope in terms of progressive resistance and suitability for beginners. However, the resistance bands and bodyweight exercises, when done in combination, complement each other if done correctly. The resistance bands, due to their flexible design, can adapt to bodyweight workouts and provide value to the novice and advanced athletes.


Let’s begin with a detailed explanation of common queries and doubts surrounding body weight and resistance training.



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Should I go for bodyweight training or resistance training if I am a novice?

Let me first start with the implications behind bodyweight training before I compare it with resistance training.


What it takes to do bodyweight training –

Only the equipment we need for bodyweight training is our own body. That means the minimum resistance we need for even beginning bodyweight exercises such as planks, push-ups, and pull-ups is weight our body carries.

But may I ask you one question! Is it safe to carry bodyweight in the first attempt for a novice who is yet unable to carry a 5kg dumbbell confidently?

ANSWER – It is not safe. That is why I never recommend that people even try bodyweight exercises, yet in the initial stages of developing muscle mind connection. 


What it takes to do resistance training –

The resistance training for any individual can start from as low as 2kg and reach up to 120 kg. If you are a beginner, you can go for mini loop bands, therapy bands, and figure-eight bands. In case you are doing strength training for more than one year, tube resistance bands are an ideal choice.

The advanced athletes can go for power loop bands.

As such, it is much easier to progress from novice to advanced level with the exercise bands’ infinite steps of resistance.


Which is safer – bodyweight exercises or resistance training?

As said earlier, there are not many options available to us when we are beginning with bodyweight training.

We can argue that there are many ways to reduce the impact of body weight during calisthenic training. A beginner can start practicing with inclined push-ups against the wall and even do knee push-ups, to begin with.

Similarly, planks can also be performed while resting knees against the ground instead of the toes. Pull-ups can be performed while getting assistance from the partner.

As above, it is still possible to remain safe and injury-free while learning calisthenic/bodyweight exercises without resistance bands.

That means I do not need resistance bands when there are ways to deviate some bodyweight!

Yea, it is true. Several bodyweight training programs are sold online by famous and reputable individuals and companies which don’t include resistance bands at all.




However, what shall happen if you had been using bricks, tiles, and ladder as an only piece of equipment for strength training, and I gift you a pair of dumbbells?

The answer is simple. You will feel much more comfortable and get endless possibilities of progressing with improving fitness levels.

The resistance bands bring such a difference in your bodyweight training. The power loop bands are one such calisthenic tool to use for beginners. These power bands can easily nullify the bodyweight to a great extent during hanging/suspension exercises.

Practicing pull-ups, bar dips, and chin-ups is far easier for enthusiasts with pull-up bands. A beginner can easily perform 8 to 10 repetitions with band-assisted pull-ups. It gives a feel of the dynamics of resistance variations and develops muscle memory in the brain.

It is especially important if you train alone without access to the trainer or partner.

Training with bodyweight directly without any helper amounts to overtraining. Overtraining muscles is the most common injury that people face due to the lack of knowledge and lack of patience.


Is it ok if I only use resistance bands training without ever doing bodyweight training?

It is the most common doubt that everyone has. The reason is that bodyweight exercises are much more painful and uncomfortable to perform for beginners, at least.


The bodyweight exercises such as squats, plank hold, bridges, push-ups are closed kinetic chain exercises that put multiple joints into the action. Such engagement of multiple joints demands greater muscle mind connection and involvement of stabilizing muscles.

 It is where most of the novice athletes suffer. Most of the bodies built inside the gym using guided machines of leg extension/curl, chest fly, chest press, etc., lack stability.



Many bodybuilders find it hard to perform calisthenic exercises when their bodies start vibrating and struggle to maintain the posture.

The resistance training bands can be used for relatively easier isolated moves such as concentrated biceps-curl, leg extension, bench press, leg press, etc. As such, they won’t develop the small muscles that surround the other less critical sides of the joints.

The bodies built in such a way are not practical and not useful for real-life situations. So, my recommendation is always to include bodyweight exercises and especially single leg/arm exercises to produce a balanced physique.

Only focussing on vanity muscles such as biceps, triceps will not provide you anything except looks.


I have heard that bodyweight training hits the wall once we reach a peak. Can resistance bands assist me in addressing this issue?

There are always some anxieties in people starting bodyweight workouts without using any equipment. Maximum resistance available to an individual doing bodyweight training is his/her bodyweight.

What shall happen if my muscles have adapted to the bodyweight? How do I progress further?

Well, the resistance bands not only help you make a calisthenic expert but also challenge you beyond the bodyweight exercises.

The resistance bands such as power loop bands can also be used in a way that they may add their resistance to our body weight.

Take an example of the banded squat exercise. Here, we press the power loop or tube resistance band under both feet while holding the other ends with both hands. In this way, we resist the movements during a squat workout.

That means, the resistance bands are acting in the same direction as the bodyweight and makes the bodyweight exercise such as squat more difficult.

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Similarly, banded push-ups, planks can also be performed with resistance bands resisting the range of motion.

As such, the resistance bands are also a fantastic option for taking bodyweight training a step forward with more challenging workouts.


Which resistance bands should I choose while pursuing bodyweight/calisthenic training?

There are numerous types of resistance bands in the market, and it is a horrendous task to pick the best band for bodyweight exercises.

📑 Here is an important resource I made for choosing the resistance band a lot easier – How to Choose a Resistance Band-Ultimate Visual Guide You Need

The primary requirement for choosing the workout band for calisthenics is their free design, which can easily adapt to the exercise without altering it.

The tube resistance bands and mini loop bands may be useful for some workouts such as squats, planks, push-ups, bridges, etc. However, they are not merely suitable for hanging/bar exercises such as chin-ups, dips, muscle-up due to their lower resistance, which is not enough to support the body weight.

The power loop resistance bands are an ideal choice when it comes to bodyweight training. Go for 3 to 4 different resistance level power loop resistance bands to assist you during progression.

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Final Opinion –

As per the above discussion, it is not hard to conclude that resistance band exercises and bodyweight training have their place in the fitness regime. The bodyweight training can’t be ignored for their tremendous benefits. The resistance bands can assist you in initial stages as well as the final stages of becoming a calisthenic pro.

Learning the skills of incorporating resistance bands in the bodyweight training is a must to achieve results much faster.




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