11 Pcs/Set Tube Resistance Bands Combo Kit – Latex | Up To 125 Pound




The resistance bands are the most affordable gym we can buy at present. Whether you are a frequent traveler or loves to workout at home, the resistance bands are an ideal choice.

The natural latex tube resistance bands sold here are one such type that has no alternative for their versatility and full-body training.


Here are some of the features that distinguish it from other similar products –


1) Ability to provide resistance up to 125 pounds

The latex tube resistance bands provided here can provide resistance from as low as 10 lbs to 30 pounds when used individually.

However, when all bands are used together in parallel between the handles, they can easily provide resistance up to 125 pounds. Such combined resistance is more than enough for an average fitness enthusiast.


2) Resembles dumbbells workouts and provides a complete training solution

The major issue with pull-up assists bands and mini loop bands is the issue of anchoring them around the legs and doors.

The tube resistance bands combo come with the pair of ankle straps, two foam handles, door anchor which are more than enough for performing literally any exercise.

The ability to perform the same exercises at different angles by changing the anchoring position is a huge benefit for attaining a balanced physique.


3) Premium latex and high-density nylon for heavy-duty usage

The tube resistance bands have been made from premium latex extracted from rubber trees.  The natural rubber is shown to exhibit the best elastic properties in the world.

Further, the use of high-density nylon webbing in the accessories such as door anchor, ankle straps and foam handles make them ideal candidate for rough usage by the advanced athletes.


4) Provides progressive resistance for future needs

Many people don’t realise their long-term requirements and ends up buying one or two resistance level bands seeing a cheaper deal.

However, the body keeps adapting to the challenging exercises and reduces its impact over time. So, it is crucial to continue increasing intensity of the resistance training.

It is where 11 pcs tube resistance bands combo has no other alternative. The 5 colour tube resistance bands can be used in different permutations and combinations to provide progressive resistance to keep pumping the muscles.


5) Higher length for full-body exercises

The length of resistance bands matter a lot. Different exercises require a different length of resistance bands to accompany. The standing triceps extension and overhead shoulder press need a much higher length resistance band than a standing biceps curl and bent-over row.

The 11 pcs tube resistance bands combo kit includes tube resistance band measuring 1200mm which is more than enough for full body training sessions.





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