8-Loop Elastic Yoga Pull Strap Stretching Band

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The stretching/recovery bands are vital components of strength training for pre-workout warm-up sessions as well as a post-workout stretching session for tight muscles.

The ordinary resistance bands with elastic properties can also be used for recovery and rehabilitation purposes.

However, there are amazing features of 8 loop elastic yoga pull straps which make them way ahead of the strength training bands and even therapy style resistance bands.

Here are some of the amazing features of the eight loop yoga straps –

  1. Super smooth and comfortable for long stretching sessions

    The conventional resistance bands can also be used for stretching routines. However, for flexibility exercises, the resistance bands need to be worn directly over the hands, arms, and feet.

    As such, the material and its surface matter a lot for a recovery band. This is where ordinary resistance bands fail.

    The yoga strap bands provided by us are made from the mixture of the cotton and natural rubber which makes them super smooth and comfortable for yoga lovers.

    1. No need to attach accessories for bringing best out of eight loop yoga straps

    The tube resistance bands require foam handles and door anchor to use them to their potential. However, the 8 loop elastic yoga pull strap is inherently designed with inbuilt handles.

    The eight loop segments along the length of the yoga strap can be wrapped around the toes, ankle, and held directly in hands.

    1. Adjustable length for full-body exercises

    The resting length of yoga strap stands at 95cm. The effective length of the cotton yoga pull strap can be varied by taking a few loops/segments out of the used portion.

    That fact, makes them ideal for standing flexibility exercises such as quad stretch, triceps stretch, and shoulder stretches. Further, they can also be used for ankle, oblique, hamstring stretches while laying down on the floor where a smaller length resistance band can be enough.

    1. Durable and long-lasting for rough usage –

      The traditional and popular therapy style resistance bands are just an extremely thin and wide piece of rubber sheets. As such, they are prone to damage even from the slightest of the scratch.

      In contrast, the eight loop yoga straps being made from the cotton fabric in addition to the rubber, are ideal for outdoor conditions without any botheration.

      1. Lightweight and affordable for full-body toning

      The eight loop yoga/recovery stretch strap provided by us is extremely lightweight (only 70 gms)  without inbuilt handles. As such, we do not need to buy extra accessories. Further, light exercises such as band resisted push-ups, bridges, clamshell, biceps,  sit-ups, planks can also be performed with these stretch straps for overall toning of body parts.  



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