Abdominal Banded Abs Roller – Two Rollers | Padded | Full-Body Workout

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Every exercise we perform starts from the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles surround the spine and provide stability to the body during any activity.

If you have bad hips or problems with aching back, most probably, your abdominal muscles are weak.  The banded abdominal wheel roller is just made for strengthening the core area. 

Here are some of the features exhibited by the multipurpose resistance band abdominal wheel roller – 


Built for beginners – 

Rolling the body forward against the gravity while pushing the rollers require strong internal and external abdominal muscles.  That means a novice can easily hurt his/her back while practicing it.

The banded ab wheel roller has been designed in such a way that resistance band tubes attached to each roller assist the body while moving forward against gravity. You can quickly progress from ground zero until a decent strength is built in the core area.


Multipurpose design for a full-body workout – 


Traditional ab rollers are meant only for stimulating core muscles. In contrast, the banded abdominal ab roller is way more versatile.

The knee rest pad can also be used as a footrest while doing triceps extension, shoulder press, bent-over row, biceps curl, etc. The rollers then behave like a pair of lightweight dumbbells.


Premium built quality – 

The resistance bands ab roller has been made with abs quality plastic, which is more reliable than the widely available plastic. Further, the rollers have foam padding in the middle rod for a secure and safer grip during high-intensity exercises. 


Improves stability by engaging smaller muscle groups –

What really differentiates multipurpose banded abdominal ab rollers from ordinary ab rollers is the exclusive use of roller for each arm. That means the body has to do extra efforts in balancing both sides of the body during ab rolls.

As a result, the brain engages extra muscle fibers from the unexplored sides of the body providing a balanced physique with fewer injuries. 





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