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The pull-ups are one of the staple bodyweight exercises which are incredibly useful for shoulders, back, and arms.



Doing crunches/leg raise while holding the pull-up bar is another variation which hits the abdominal rectus (outer area of the stomach) and abdominal transverse (inner region) in proportion to the body weight.

However, while doing crunches from the pull-up bar, the shoulder and arms give up even before the abdominal area reaches its uppermost limit. That’s frustrating, we know.

Fortunately, there is a definite solution for this problem in the form of abs sling straps for pull-up bar we supply.

Here are some of the key features before we divulge in more details

  • It comes with 11inch-wide arm padding having a thickness of 1cm.
  • Each abs sling straps comes with optional pull-up-up bar/rope straps for different height people.
  • Perform far more bodyweight crunches while arms rest comfortably in abs sling straps.
  • Even if you can’t hold the pull-up-up bar long enough, it doesn’t matter as long as you possess these hanging arms rests.
  • Each pack comes with a pair of heavy-duty stainless-steel carabiners.
  • It is loved by over 1000 happy customers around the world.


Detailed description –


1) Thick and ample padding for letting you hang for a longer time

Each abs sling strap comes with wide 11-inch padding with a thickness of over 1cm. It is more than enough to let you rest your upper arms comfortably for a longer span without rashes or irritation.


2) Perform as many legs raise/crunches as you can

Whether you love to do leg raises or side/front crunches while hanging, it doesn’t matter you are an experienced athlete or a newcomer.

Hold the pull-up bar for as long as you want and continue making lower body calisthenic moves as far as your hip flexors and abdominal muscles allow.


3) Made with premium heavy-duty material


Carabiners abs sling straps for pull-up bars

Our pull-up armrest straps have been made with the high-density nylon and large stainless-steel carabiners of 7cm length, which have been thoroughly tested for loads up to 100kg.


4) Three different variants to match different sized bodies


Dimensions of abs sling straps

The upper body frame of different people varies according to their height. As such, the same abs sling straps for pull-up bars shall not be suitable for all the prospective buyers. The same issue has been kept in mind while designing them.

All abs sling straps come with optional rope straps of different lengths (54cm, 36cm & 23cm) to increase or decrease the distance of the arm straps from the pull-up bar.   



 Specifications of abs sling strap for pull-up bars




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