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The agility and flexibility are two core features of the athletes involved in track and field sports. The explosiveness and ability to respond in microseconds to ever-changing scenarios is the recipe that every athlete aims for, in their specific sports.

The agility training ladder for athletes is one such most common and popular accessory used by the coaches for their students.

Here are some of the features that make the speed training ladder, unique as compared to the others


1) Improves leg and eye co-ordination for better control over the muscles –

Almost every motion sports demand a different level of hands, legs, and eye co-ordination to beat the competitors.

The football, baseball, lawn tennis, badminton, and basketball are such examples of sports where the importance of the synchronization between the different upper and lower body parts is paramount.

Use these agility ladders for fast footwork while moving forward, backward, and sideways. Practice different patterns of legs movements by employing various tasks that demand the body to work in several different ways.


2) A fun activity which provides serious gains without putting you under stress –

Even if you have access to the premium gym or have sufficient training equipment right within your house, it becomes tough to follow the exercises routine with each passing day of the training. The boredom takes a toll over body and mind.

Spice up your old-fashioned workouts with agility training ladders and engage in creative team sessions with a funny twist. 

3) Adjustable distance between each step of the ladder for different training needs –

Whether you are indulging in sport/ games just out of love or as a part of the career, you may find a typical sports ladder overwhelming to use due to their rigid design. We have heard you and provided a perfect solution in the form of an adaptable speed ladder.

If you are a beginner, increase the distance between the plastic rungs by dragging them over the two parallel nylon straps. It will decrease the effort you need to juggle the legs between the rungs.

In case you are looking for an excellent brutal, fast-paced, intensive session, decrease the gap between the rungs to the bare minimum.


4) Match your individual training needs with a wide variety of speed step ladder’s we provide –

Do you need to do agility workouts for a longer time intervals, we have a seven-meter long speed ladder with 14 plastic rungs? It is enough to get you sweating over four to five repetitions over this length.

Looking for a shorter version of step agility ladders, we have got you covered with a three-meter, six rung ladders to choose.

5) Premium quality plastic rungs and nylon straps –

The agility training ladders for athletes of all levels have been made with the highest standards of manufacturing.

All ladders pass through strict testing procedures laid down before launching for commercial purposes. The nylon straps and plastic rungs are made from premium material for longevity and rough usage.

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