Ankle Cuffs with D-Ring for resistance bands and cable machines





Do you own cylindrical tube resistance bands? If ‘YES,’ then these thick padded ankle cuffs with D-ring are an absolute accessory to add on to your existing arsenal.

Furthermore, It is equally essential for use with cable machines in the gym or at home for performing several exercises such as side/front raises, lunges, leg extension, leg curls, etc.…

Here are the unique key features, these premia & super comfortable ankle cuffs possesses

  1. Most comfortable ankle cuffs you would find in the market.
  2. A thick added inner layer of foam which overlaps the outer layer of nylon.
  3. Separate buckle provided for adjusting the length of ankle cuffs.
  4. Dedicated D-ring for connecting tube resistance bands.
  5. The high-grade stainless steel used for making buckle, D-ring, and carabiners.
  6. Quality Velcro built for durability.

Detailed description –

1) Extra foam padding layer for maximum comfort-

Our anchor cuffs with D-ring are unique and different from the similar products sold in the market.

In conventional anchor cuffs, the padding is added to the same outer layer, which restricts the manufacturer from adding enough foam due to the design limitations.

Our anchor cuffs come with a dedicated foam padding layer, which is entirely made from foam and overlaps the outer nylon layer from inside for maximum comfort.

2) Dedicated buckle and D-ring for quick installation –

The ordinary ankle cuffs come with a single D-ring, which is also used for tightening or losing the grip around the ankles.

When the same D-ring is used for fastening the belt of ankle cuffs, it reduces the space left for the attaching tube resistance bands especially, when you are going to attach multiple resistance bands for higher resistance.

Luckily, the ankle cuffs sold by us come with dedicated buckle and D-ring for super quick installation of multiple bands. Spend your time working out rather than fixing accessories.

3) Extremely useful for shaping legs and butts

If you own tube resistance bands without any ankle cuffs, you are leaving lots of its potential on the table. The tube exercise bands are best suited for lower body exercises in combination with the thigh and ankle cuffs.

Fix these ankle cuffs around the ankle and perform leg abduction, adduction, butt kicks, lunges, leg press, leg extension, leg curls—no need to waste time and money visiting the premium gym facilities.


4) Premium material for enhanced durability

The D-ring and buckle, along with carabiner, have been made from the highest grades of stainless steel. Further, high-density webbing of nylon over the super-dense foam makes it super durable for use in even more rough scenarios.


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