Ankle Resistance Bands  – For Speed And Agility

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Perfect fit for speed and agility

Speed and agility are the two inherent qualities that every athlete wants to work on.

These ankle strap bands have the unique ability to adapt to the sports movements of basketball, kickboxing, running, tennis, etc and enhance quick reaction time necessary to stay ahead of the competitor.

That is too without disturbing the original range of motion.


Drastically improves explosive movements –

No matter which physical activity you indulge in, every sport such as taekwondo, karate, soccer, badminton needs jumping, speed, instant reaction with a change in direction/speed and the endurance to continue the activity with persistent performance.

These ankles stretch bands add on extra resistance to those movements to improve explosive performance.


Builds ankle, legs and glute muscles –

You can perform numerous exercises by wearing a pair of ankle cuffs provided with pack such as front/side/back leg raise, butt kicks, leg extension, leg curl, side squats. The possibilities are just endless.


Adaptable for sports and general fitness –

If you are guessing that ankle speed bands are only meant by coaches and trainers to train athletes, that is not the case. Whether you are an ardent fitness enthusiast or a casual gym-goer or a complete beginner, it suits all.

Just make use of a single resistance tube of 20 pounds between the ankle cuffs initially and add the other resistance tube as your muscles start adapting to existing workout intensity.


Premium Material –


The ankle resistance bands are made out of latex rubber with cloth covering to protect you just in case resistance tubes snaps under tension.

Further, ultra-dense ankle cuffs have been heavily padded with 0.5 inches thickness for maximum comfort and minimum irritation



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