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Make use of a perfectly flat and smooth surface for best gripping and stability of ankle support sit-up device while doing sit-ups

Sit-ups are advanced workouts that are predominantly done for the abdominal area. Besides, they also target the hip flexors (the muscles which attach the front hip area to the femur (thigh bone).



For beginners, doing sit-ups is an uphill task because it is tough to keep feet stable on the ground while pushing the body upward with the power of abdominal muscles.



The above problem has been kept in mind while designing our ankle support sit-up trainer so that you can entirely focus on contracting the abdominal rectus muscles while sit-up trainer does its job.



Here are some of the key highlights of this smart product –


  1. Makes use of large rubber suction cup (12.5cm in dia) to fix it over the floor
  2. Double padded rod design to provide a soft touch on all sides of the feet.
  3. Iron body used whereas other cheap alternatives make use of plastic.
  4. Extended push suction lever for better handling and fast installation
  5. No need to fasten it permanently. Fix/unfix it on any smooth surface in drawing/living rooms.
  6. In addition to standard sit-ups, it is also useful for close-grip push-ups, planks, and back raises.
  7. Tested for loads up to 90 kg
  8. Comes in two variants – single rod (65kg) and double rod (90kg) arrangement


Detailed description –


1) Do sit-ups anywhere anytime


Now you don’t need to tug feet under the furniture or ask your partner to keep them under their feet. Forget about the frustration of missing sit-ups for the inability to find appropriate places.

Fast installation with ankle support sit-up trainer

Just press the suction head at the bottom of the ankle support sit-up trainer against the floor, press the lever, and you are done. Its that simple.

2) Forget about your feet until they are under the care of our ankle support trainer

Just imagine the discomfort of your last sit-ups you did while tugging feet under the sharp edges of the bed, sofa set, and railing. Feet often give way even before the upper body has been properly activated.

Thick and soft padding of ankle support sit-up trainer

Here you get an optional double rod ankle support sit-up trainer where you get padding not only above the feet but also below. Such all-round protection of feet is missing in other ordinary cheap alternatives sold in the market.

3) Flexible gap arrangement for different feet sizes-

Often standard fixed-size ankle holding sit-up equipment can accommodate/fit only one person’s feet.

If kids or spouse want to use the same ankle support sit-up trainer, they would feel frustrated and dismayed seeing their feet coming out frequently from the sit-up trainer.

Adjustable height of ankle support sit-up trainer

Thankfully, our ankle support trainer comes with three levels of height adjustment with a press and switch push lever. As such, all family members and friends can take advantage of this sit-up assist trainer to their actual potential.

4) The sit-up assist trainer isn’t only meant for sit-ups only –

While this feet support mechanism is preliminary meant for sit-ups, there is still scope for several other exercises involving abdominal, back, and chest area.

Perform planks while keeping feet elevated from the floor over the top of this sit-up trainer for the more effective burn to the muscles.

Similarly, perform oblique crunches, weighted sit-ups, upside down back raise (for improving posture), and close-grip push-ups for attacking the triceps and biceps.

5) No need to join costly gyms when you can get polished belly right at home-

Installing the ankle assist equipment is just one push-button away. Just choose any smooth and flat surface & you are good to go.

6) Dense and thick padding with large suction cup –

Thick foam padding of ankle support sit-up trainer

Thick and dense padding on both rods let you focus on abdominal muscles while the feet are entirely secured in their place.

Further, the extra-wide 12.5cm suction cup at the bottom has been made from natural latex rubber, which exhibits the best elastic properties.

Large round suction cup of ankle support sit-up trainer

As a result, the suction attained is entirely sealed without any air gaps. Further, chassis is made from iron instead of plastic for longevity.



Single rod ankle support sit-up trainer –

Specifications of single rod ankle support sit-up trainer


Double rod ankle support sit-up trainer –

 Specifications of double rod ankle support sit-up trainer

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