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Are you fed up with the ordinary threaded locks that you receive with the threaded barbells and dumbbells rods? You want to utilize the time spent screwing clamps over the barbells and dumbbells rods.

Barbell Spin-Lock installed over barbell rod

Here is the perfect solution for you in terms of snap latch barbells locks.

Check out the features which make it a superior option to the spring and threaded clamps.


1) Spend more time doing workouts –

If you are already doing workouts, you must be aware of the fact that not all body parts and exercises need the same amount of weights to train them to the same level.

Further, if you have been training at home with a single barbell and a pair of dumbbells rods, it is way more challenging to keep changing weight plates by screwing the traditional screwed locks.

All of the above issues are put to rest with this fantastic solution. Just snatch the spin-lock near the weighing plates and latch it. It hardly takes a second to install it. So, don’t waste time anymore and focus on more productive workouts.

2) A perfect replacement to the spring clamps –

Another option, people use in place of the threaded barbell locks is the spring locks. Well, the spring locks also save a lot of precious time, they require a lot of effort pressing the clamp to allow it to expand to the size of the barbell and dumbbells rods.

Whereas the spin-lock provided by us requires zero effort to mount it over the barbells rods. Just install it in proximity to the weighing plates and push the lever to lock it tightly over the barbells/dumbells rods.

3) Suitable for threaded and smooth dumbbells/barbells rods –

Whether you use threaded or perfectly smooth barbells rods, it does not matter. The barbell spin-lock perfectly snugs over the rod with an ideal grip.

4) Saves you money buying extra barbells and dumbbells rods –

In case you are just using threaded locks with dumbbells and barbells, we bet you won’t be changing plates very often. If you are using only one barbell or a pair of dumbbells rods, you must be overtraining or untraining some of the body parts.

The alternative to the above problem is to buy an extra barbell or dumbbell rods with additional weighing plates.

Instead, why not replace your ordinary threaded or spring locks with barbells spin-lock and invest those dollars into better coaching or fitness equipment.

5) A perfect accessory for weight lifters –

Barbell Spin-Lock installed over barbell rod


If you have been doing weightlifting for professional or personal goals, the risk of slipping of weight plates turns manifold in case of very heavy weights used during deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.

Use these smartly designed spin-locks and focus your time and energy more on pumping muscles.

NOTE – Please check the diameter of the barbell/ dumbbell rod you possess and compare it to the inner diameter of the spin-lock before buying the product. 




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