Booty Trainer – For Butts, Legs, Abs

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Have you just decided to use resistance bands for a personal home gym?

You have just taken the 1st step towards finalizing the resistance band. There is numerous kind of resistance bands out there.

Choosing the right kind is a humongous task. Booty Trainer is one of the kinds of dedicated resistance bands that are designed to target beginner and intermediate athletes along with gym-goers.


Here are some of the highlights of these exercise booty bands


Provides comfort similar to gym machines

One can easily get mesmerized by the way, big machines at the gym provide comfort while doing butt kicks, squats, glute, crunches, flutter kicks, etc with the added support/comfort to other muscle groups?

This waist and booty trainer is the perfect alternative for those bulky machines. Optimized length of resistance tubes and size, design of shoe cuffs along with the waist belt makes booty band an ideal recipe for shaping booty.


Complete lower body trainer-

The booty trainer is not only meant for butt training. You can easily use them for training quads and hamstrings using squats, lunges while standing and leg extension, leg curl, leg press while laying down on the floor.

Similarly, abdominal muscles can also be targeted with leg raise, pedaling, toe touches, planks, leg throws and many more.


Convenient to all ages and sizes-

The waist belt is made with high-density nylon. It comes with buckle and Velcro to fasten the belt securely over the waist size ranging from 23 inches to 46 inches.

Further, the big booty trainer comes in three different resistance levels of Yellow (10 lb), Red (20 lb) and Green (30 lb). You can switch over to the higher resistance colors as your stamina increases with time to consistently grow muscles.


15 Minutes/30 Day challenge-

    Big glute muscles named  Maximus, medius, and minimus play a huge role in the strength and stability of the lower body. Often people completely skip glutes while planning their weekly routines. The leg day is to blame for that.

    If your glutes are weak, train for only 15 minutes a day (5 times per week) for the next 30 days with these best booty bands and you will be amazed by the results.


    Use booty trainer anywhere, anytime –

      The ultra-light booty resistance bands can be used anywhere, anytime in a home, gym or during cross-fit sessions. Carrying them inside your office suitcase during official tours is super easy.


      Premium quality –

        The booty workout bands are made with latex material which is widely regarded as the most stretchable and durable alternative for resistance bands.

        Further, ultra-dense nylon shoe straps and waist belt included in the pack makes it a wise investment for your body.





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