Cat Cardboard Indoor House – With Scratching Floor– 100% Biodegradable

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Do your cats spend its time scratching furniture and resting over the shelves?

Then cat cardboard indoor house is what a cat will love to own with nature friendly material which matches cat’s natural habitats.   

Here are some of the benefits and features that make Portable cat cardboard scratching house an ideal choice…


– Shift inside your house at will

– Comes with inbuilt scratching floor .
– Bio degradable and nature friendly
– Keeps cat engaged with scratching floor
– No skin allergies – 100% natural material


Make shift at will- Make shift at will- Cat cardboard indoor house can easily be shifted inside the house with the help of handle cut at the roof owing to light weight & portable design.
In built scratching floor– Portable cat cardboard scratching house comes with scratch board at the bottom of the house to let cat enjoy scratching while sitting inside.
No skin allergies– The portable cat cardboard scratching house is made with 100% natural durable paper which is not harsh to the cats and also prevents skin allergies caused by poor plastic used in others.
Foldable/Carry along – Its completely fold-able and can be reassembled just in case you change addresses frequently or carry it outdoor along for travels.
Crafted For Stability and Durability- The corrugated paper used is thick enough to handle the weight of cat and comes with smartly crafted interlocks to stabilize the structure. Thoughtfully placed window and big entrance adds to ventilation.


-Simply open the packaging and here is the manual inside which shall guide you on assembling the cardboard sheets in step by step manner


Item Type – Cat house
Material – Corrugated Paper
Color– Wooden brown
Size – 41.5×37.5x42cm


Cat Cardboard Indoor House – 1 No.
User Manual- 1 No.

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