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Is loving cat getting bored and are you worried about cat resting for hours gaining fat?

This Cat Hide and Seek Mouse Toy brings cat’s natural instincts into play with unpredictable mouse movements to surprise the cat every time.

TOP REASONS why cat hide and seek mouse toy is ideal for you!


– Keep cats engaged and physically fit

– No more scratching of delicate furniture.
– Watch cat’s cute reactions in live mode
– Saves you money otherwise spent on diseases


Cats start losing fat and looks more agile- Provide an alternative to otherwise passive routine followed by cats with cat hide and seek toy. Spending hours resting over shelves makes cats too lazy. It is the ideal substitute for healthy activity.
Save your furniture – Cats often spend time resting and scratching the delicate bed sheets, sofas as there is no other way for cats to use their natural hunting instincts. Here, this activity toy for cats smartly replicates the actual mouse and keeps cats engaged and busy rather than damaging your furniture.
Saves your precious time and money- Cat spends hours playing what they loves the most and lets you save hard earned money otherwise spent on diseases. This electronic Cat mouse chasing toy is built with high quality ABS plastic known for prolonged life
Adjustable as per cat’s requirement – Some cats are way too active while some are lazy enough. So, this cat mouse chasing has been designed with four settings – Low, Medium, high & variable speeds to adjust as per cats activity level. The Cat Mouse hunting toy can be auto cut after every 10 minutes or manually turned ON/OFF.
Auto cut off feature – Cat mouse hunting toy operates with battery so that cats can play independently at their own.. Further, this toy intentionally turns OFF after every 10 minutes to keep cat curious for next turn and also saves battery. You can also turn ON/OFF the toy manually.
Watch cats natural instincts at play- Cats jumps over the mouse, hides in the bush or curtains trying to catch the mice. Its a complete fun watching cat turning into a hunter and doing cute actions.


Color White
Cat Size Universal
Size 32*7 CM
Net Weight 650gm
Material ABS Plastic


Cat Hide And Seek Mouse Toy 1 No.
Batteries Not Included
Packaging Box 1 No.

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