Chest Expander With Foot Pedals






Chest workout with chest expander


Chest Expanders have placed themselves as one of the most comfortable and enjoyable workout accessories with large non-slip handles and resistance that will leave gasping. 



Here are some of the features offered by spring chest expander-


Triple power workout

  • Traditional chest expanders are only useful for doing upper body workouts with the only option of holding the handles in both hands.
  • However, this spring expander comes with adjustable foot pedals giving you the bonus ability to do rowing exercises for strengthening legs as well as abdominal muscles.

Inbuilt Hand Gripper for stronger forearm, wrist, and fingers


Train your forearms, fingers, and wrist by expanding the compressed springs connected with the mini handle inside the big handle.



No extra accessories need to be purchased.

 Adjustable Spring Tensioner


The four chrome-plated springs between the handles can be detached individually to lower resistance for beginners.

Springs can be loaded progressively from 70 to 110 pounds with increasing muscular endurance. So, one chest exerciser fits all stages of fitness athletes.


 Multipurpose Chest Expander Tool


Most people assume a chest expander to be only relevant for growing chest pectoral muscles.

Arms workout with chest expander

However, this chest puller may also be used for legs, abs, shoulder, back, and arm exercises through rowing, biceps, shoulder raise, crunches, etc.


Slip Proof Design Built For longevity


Exercise springs are made of carbon steel with chrome plating to keep them lightweight and prevent corrosion. Further big ABS plastic handles have been made with a non-slip design to instill confidence.

Carbon steel springs chest expander

  • The shaft of handles and foot pedals has been made with steel for longevity. Further, anti-slip straps over both the feet prevent any chance of malfunctioning like accidental slipping of feet.





  • Foot pedal arrangement and spring chest developers come as separate units due to transportation constraints.
  • To use the foot pedal arrangement, insert the pedal shaft inside the hole of the large handle on one side of the chest expander.





Roll over the one end of anti-slip straps and foot pedals on the pedal shaft and plug the other loose ends of straps with anti-slip plugs provided.

The Spring Chest Exerciser is ready for workout now.

 Biceps workout chest expander





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