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The compound exercises are the bread and butter of any muscle-building programs. The weight lifters often make use of barbells for compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts to lift even higher weights.

The neck and shoulder areas have to bear the extreme pressure, which also limits the weight carrying capacity of the weight lifters.

The barbell rod pad is an ideal solution for such issues.

Here are some of the features of the heavy-duty barbell pad-


Suitable for all sizes of barbells –

This barbell rod pad comes with a side opening that can adjust to any size barbell size. No matter which size & type of barbells you use, the barbell rod support pad is an ultimate solution.


Anti-slip design-



The barbell rod pad has been smartly designed with a groove in the center of the pad. This groove smartly snugs over the neck and shoulder area. No matter how heavy lifting you do, it won’t slip from your shoulder.


Built for heavy-duty usage –

The high-density rubber foam can easily absorb the shock waves generated by barbell hip thrusts, squats, and deadlifts without causing unbearable stress over the neck area. More comfort over the shoulder and neck area means you can lift even more weights.


Uniform distribution of stress –

The thick and long barbell rod pad covers a substantial part of the shoulder. It means that the barbell rod pad can distribute the pressure over the significant portion of the shoulder, which prevents injuries mainly related to the neck.


Lightweight and portable –

This barbell rod pad weighs only 240 grams. As such, it can easily be moved anywhere around the gym and even carried along with, to the favorite workout places.







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