DIY home cable pulley workout system







✔?Tested for load up to 100 KG/220 Pounds

✔?360-degree rotatable pulley block

✔?Double layer heavy-duty loading strap

✔?Choose any steel rope – 1.4m/1.8m/2m/2m


There may be several reasons you may be doing workouts at home. Some people may not be able to afford the cost of gym memberships, along with other indirect expenses related to it.

Other people may do home workouts out of compulsions due to their job timings or field job with frequent tours to other places.

However, there is an alternative solution to the above issues.  An extremely versatile cable machine pulley system that you can install right in your home gym without excessive investment.


Let’s be fair; it replaces the variety and potential of gym equipment we find in the gym.

Here are some of the advantages associated with the DIY home cable pulley workout system


Extremely affordable upper body workout solution


The home cable pulley workout system consists of the steel rope, a triceps strap, optional handle, pulley block, loading straps, and carabiners. Simply mount the double layer lanyard strap over any horizontal bar and pass the steel rope over the pulley block hanging through the lanyard strap.

Attach appropriate weight to the loading strap on one end of the steel rope.  And you are ready for using the workout set-up similar to the professional cable machine found in gym premises.  

There is no other affordable yet premium and versatile product like this in the market.


Perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes  

The loading strap, lanyard strap, and pulley block have been designed to bear load up to 100KG/220 pounds (weights are not included in the pack). This weight is more than enough for most aspiring athletes.


Smartly designed pack variations for different fitness requirements


Are you confused after seeing all the different variations of this product?

Here are the reasons they have been organized in such a manner

The short person with height less than 5 feet 5 inches may need a higher length steel rope to train their back, chest, and other upper body parts than a tall athlete. As such, the steel rope in each pack differs in length ( 140/180/200/250cm).

Further, a heavy-duty handle for a better grip is included in some variations. It enables you to perform back press, single-hand lat pulls down, single hand chest press, etc. in a better way than a tricep strap.

Further, tricep rope is also provided as an option for more serious athletes.


Premium grade material


The DIY home cable pulley workout system has been made with premium grade material. The high-quality polyester woven tape has been used for manufacturing triceps strap for maximum comfort.

Further, all the steel ropes of varying lengths are having a respectable thickness of 4.8mm with a loading capacity of 100KG/220 pounds. The pulley block is equally strong, with 360 rotation capabilities for training at infinite angles around the anchor point for training the muscles at all angles for a balanced physique.








Loading capacity of pulley block/loading strap/lanyard strap/steel rope 

100KG/220 pounds

Length of steel rope  


Thickness of pulley block 


Material of triceps strap

High-quality polyester woven tape.

Loading strap design

2 layers for heavy-duty usage


Upper body exercises




What’s in the Box

 Package details of DIY home cable pulley workout system








Noiseless steel pulley


Steel cable

1 No


3 No

Heavy-duty loading strap

1 No

Double Layer Lanyard strap

1 No

Heavy-Duty Handle(Optional)

1 No

Tricep strap(Optional)

1 No

Tricep Rope (Optional)

1 No




Additional information

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