Door Anchor Strap For Tube Resistance Bands

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Do you own resistance bands but can’t use them to their full potential due to the limited anchoring options available within the home.

The resistance bands are famous for their ability to provide training to the muscles from infinite angles to minimize the imbalances.

The heavy-duty door anchor strap is an ideal choice to maximize results from the existing training workouts.

Here are some of the features of the door anchors 


Use them around any side of the door –

You must be thinking like what is so special about it! Well, the door anchors come in two kinds of designs. The ordinary door anchors come with a small rectangular block. Such door anchors can be fitted only on the hinge side of the door where the gap between the wall and the door is lowest.

In contrast, the modern door anchor strap sold by us comes with a bigger round block (3 inches in diameter) which can easily be used on all four sides of the door.


Train the body with several new variations of exercises –

Without door anchors, you have limited opportunities to anchor tube and power loop, resistance bands. At maximum, we can anchor resistance bands below the feet for doing biceps curl, squats, shoulder press, etc.

With door anchor strap, you can anchor resistance bands at several different positions, which enables you to do standing chest press, chest fly, rowing, reverse fly, etc.


Prevents resistance bands from damage due to common anchoring mistakes –

The most commonly used tube and power loop resistance bands are made from soft natural rubber, which is prone to damage by anchoring over the uneven and hard surfaces. These door anchor straps provide ultimate solutions for anchoring resistance bands at any angle for all the possible exercises of the complete body.


Premium built Quality which prevents the door from damage –

The extremely lightweight door anchor straps with big round block come with densely stitched nylon webbing. The big round block comes with foam covering to prevent scratches over the door. The round block handle has been made from hard inner Teflon core, which can easily withstand the forces developed by the high-intensity workouts.


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