Dual Sided Core Gliding Discs (set of 2)

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Muscle imbalance is one of the main reasons behind sports injuries though you might be having the best diet and best trainers training you.

The same sports activity day after day, week after week engages the same muscle groups leaving other muscle groups ignored and weak creating an unstable foundation that is about to fall. 

Dual Sided Core Gliding Discs is the best thoughtful equipment to intensify the existing workout routines

This is a simple sliding disc that doesn’t remain stable in one position.

So when an athlete places its feet or hands over the Core Exercise Sliders instead of the surface for any exercise such as the plank, all major/minor muscle groups of legs and arms have to work together along with the core to balance themselves.

The muscles which were not engaged earlier suddenly start engaging thereby avoiding injuries. 




Gears up core strength – 

Planks, lunges, pushups, squats, etc are the nice stand-alone exercises. However, the fitness sliders when used under the feet and hands while doing exercise, suddenly engages all muscles together in an effort to balance the core thereby improving core strength over time at a faster pace.

Intensify your existing workouts – 

While balancing feet and hands over the Dual Sided Core Gliding Discs, all muscles including balancing muscles have to work out continuously even during the phases of exercise when the body is otherwise in a stable mode. These slim gliding discs brings out much more productivity from the existing workouts.

Prevent Injuries – 

The fact that usually, sports activities engage a few muscle groups much higher than some minor muscle groups, the core, and abdominal trainers are the need of the hour. 

These are crucial in increasing the effectiveness of existing exercise for faster results and prevent injuries by working on balancing muscle threads.

All Surfaces Compatibility – 

Whether it is the hard surfaces like wooden/ Hard tile or the softer surface like mat, carpet or the cloth. The smoother side of leg slider can be used on soft surfaces and harder side for harder surface.

Lightweight and Portable – 

The hand and foot sliders weigh only 300gms and can be carried in the gym bag or while traveling. They can also be made a part of your home gym for doing bodyweight exercises. 



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