Food Grade Silicone Hand Exerciser/Puller





Often hands and feet are overlooked in front of shiny muscles of back, chest, legs, shoulder, and arms. 

Do you know, even a slight pain in the wrist or a finger is more than enough to keep you out of the field. Hands need more attention, especially where athletes are involved in sports, which are highly dependent upon the hand’s grip.

Examples of such sports are cricket, basketball, baseball, handball, etc. Hands and feet include a much larger number of tiny joints with a similar number of muscles to support them.

The finger exercisers made with food-grade silicone are an ideal choice for improving the grip and flexibility of tiny muscles

of fingers and keep you ahead of the competition.


Here are some of the features of hand puller/exerciser –


  • Food grade silicone  – It is inert and doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • Improves hand grip – for Olympic games and athletes involved in sports.
  • Can be used anywhere/anytime – in office/home/park
  • Ideal for seniors – Elder people often complain about weakness in fingers and lack of grip power.
  • Great for calisthenic lovers – Strength of fingers and wrist matters a lot for bodyweight exercises.


Made with food-grade silicone. Fit for kids and adults alike.

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