Full Body Resistance Band Combo – 5 Level

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Do you know, a pair of resistance bands can actually replace all your gym machines and provides even more variations all subject to your imagination! 

Here comes the premium complete combo Full-Body Resistance Band Combo which includes all levels of resistance bands, no matter which stage of fitness you are in.

Further, you get the door anchor with the strengthening bands which is indeed indispensable for most of the exercises. 

Never miss any exercise, no matter where ever you are traveling.

Just go through the awesome benefits you get with these rubber exercise bands as under –


Provides progressive resistance –

The resistance tube bands kit lets you jump to different fitness levels starting from beginner to intermediate to advanced level resistance bands.

Just keep switching over to the higher resistance bands as you build up the stamina over the years.


Numerous variations of same exercises –

Door Anchor and Ankle straps included in the rubber exercise bands combo are the most important ingredients which let you use resistance bands to their full potential with numerous variations.


Full body workout –

Gym stretch bands combo is the only asset you need to have in your home to work out all body parts like legs, back, abdomen, biceps, triceps, and shoulders with varying intensity for beginners to advanced.


Even suitable for advanced athletes –

Join resistance bands in parallel between the anchors to increase the resistance even higher than the highest grade resistance band making Full-Body Resistance Band Combo Set even suitable for bodybuilders.

When combined together, this resistance tube band kit can offer resistance up to 100 lb (10+15+20+25+30).


Adaptable to sports-specific movements –

These exercise tube bands are extremely effective in bodybuilding, running, swimming, athletics, cycling, and other related sports by improvising the resistance band exercises to match with sports-specific movements.




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