Gym Stick With Resistance Bands – With Non Slip Adjustable Resistance




Turn your home into a true gym by investing a few bucks in an extremely portable gym stick with resistance bands. Forget about the barbell and dumbbell band exercises you have been performing in the gym when you can do much more than that right in your home.

Here are some of the unique advantages of acquiring these exercise bar with elastic bands…


Upper Body Exercises – Perform shoulder press, chest press, shoulder raise, biceps, triceps, rowing and much more by holding the gym stick in your hands while anchoring the ends of resistance bands in your feet or to the door using door attachment. All barbell exercises with weights at both ends can easily be replaced with gym bar with resistance bands.


  • Lower Body Exercises – Now perform squats, leg raise, lunges by holding the workout bar over the shoulders while pressing the other ends of strength bands under your feet. Similarly, butt exercises can be performed with ease.

  • Ideal for abs, pilates, and yoga – Just hold the resistance band Pilates stick in your hands over your head while laying down on gym mat and putting handles on another side of exercises bands in your feet to perform front leg raise, side leg raise,  leg circles.

Similarly, you can perform various yoga poses including Pilates, stretching, planks with ease including twisting exercises.

  • Non-Slip Foldable Design – This exercise bar with resistance bands comes in two pieces made of high tensile strength steel which are locked together to make a firm joint. Further, the gym stick is covered with a durable foam padding for a firm grip over the bar.
  • Adjustable Resistance – Gym Stick with resistance bands makes an extremely flexible option considering the fact that you can quickly adjust the resistance bands in seconds by shortening the length of workout bands by holding and releasing the buckles where elastic bands are tied to the bar. You can also just roll the part of resistance bands over the workout bar for quick adjustment of effective length of resistance bands involved in the exercise.

As above, you save lots of space and time adjusting the resistance unlike traditional gym barbells and dumbbells while reaping benefits of both.


Resistance – Adjustable

Bar length – 100cm

Material – Foam, Latex Tube, Metal

Weight – 1.24KG

Color – Blue, Pink


Gym Stick With Resistance Bands – 1 No.

Carrying Bag – 1 No.


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