Hand Grip Pull-up Ball – Strengthen Hands Like A Pro




Key Features


Main highlights –

✔ ? high-quality PU material

✔ ? High-density spherical grooves

✔ ? 304 stainless steel carabiners

✔? Heavy-duty nylon straps


Do you indulge in the kind of sports or activities where you need to make extensive use of the hands? If ‘yes,’ you may well understand how vital can the strengthening of hands can be.

For games such as grappling/wrestling, rock climbing, and obstacle racing, even slightest of the improvement in the gripping power of hands, can bring in a considerable advantage to the athletes.

It is especially true in the case of competitive sports.

Here is an ideal solution in the form of handgrip pull-up balls that have been designed with pro-athletes in mind.



Anti-slip design for enhanced gripping –

The handgrip pull-up ball comes with numerous spherical grooves engraved adjacent to each other. These grooves create friction between the hands and the ball surface by creating an uneven interface.

It makes it possible to do high repetitions of pull-ups, chin-ups, and other calisthenic moves without losing grip over the hand training balls.


Large size balls for the most natural gripping position

The hand training balls provided by us come in two different sizes, namely – 72 cm and 96 cm. The 72cm hand grip pull-up ball is more than enough for small to medium hands. While 96cm ball size is suitable for large size hands.

The larger diameter of the balls makes sure that the complete hand is perfectly positioned against the ball’s surface without any air gap.

It not only improves the gripping but also makes each muscle of hands work together.


Ideal fitness accessory for every fitness enthusiast–

Whichever sports you indulge in, the hands and feet are ignored the most and taken for granted. The muscles, whether small or big, have some crucial roles defined by the body’s biological system.

The weak hand muscles don’t mean that only hands would be affected. It is a proven fact that the weakness in hands can cause injuries in elbow, shoulder joints.

The hand training hanging balls are crucial in every kind of sports imperative of the amount of usage of hands.


Improves stability of surrounding muscles around forearm –

More instability we create during exercises, more effective that exercise becomes. Engaging more of the stabilizing muscles is the key to a balanced physique.

The handgrip pull-up ball does the same by making more of the tiny muscles around the inner and outer sides of the forearm and hands work much harder.


Alternative wooden grip pull-up bars option for beginners –

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of holding the round pull-up balls during calisthenic moves, we have a more comfortable alternative to start with.

For people just starting with pull-up, chin-ups, the wooden grip pull-up bars are an excellent alternative. These wooden bars are much easier to hold than the pull-up balls and provide a much better feel due to the use of wood.


Premium material tested for durability –


There is no second opinion in admitting that these handgrip pull-up bars and balls are subjected to the hardest of the pressures.  We have also kept this point into consideration while manufacturing them.

The high-quality PU material has been used for making pull-up balls. Further, all carabiners have been made from the highest grade (304) of stainless steel.

Similarly, the wooden bars have been crafted from the most sturdy and reliable woods around the world.  


Hand Grip Pull up ball –

Wooden Grip pull up bar –


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