Hand Grip Strengthener | Hand Squeezer

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Often small muscle groups get overshadowed by the large muscle groups of legs, chest, shoulders, and back. 

However, minor muscle groups such as neck, wrist and hand muscles can’t be ignored so easily. After all, they have been made with a purpose. Isn’t it!

This lightweight Hand Grip Strengthener rightly fits in that space.

Minor muscles of hand, forearm, and wrist don’t require as much workout volume and intensity as the major muscle groups. What really matters is the right kind of accessory to work those muscles on.


Here are some of the features of premium hand grip strengthener and hand squeezer…..

Carry Along Anywhere – 

The handgrip exerciser weighs only 200gm and can be carried anywhere unlike heavy Wrist exercising equipment used in gyms. Use hand griper while traveling in local train, buses, office or in-home and make the best possible use of your time.

Improves balance and stability-

Wrist, hand and forearm muscles are internally linked to the major muscles of biceps/triceps and act as a balancing factor for major muscles.

Further, these minor muscles are actively engaged while doing push-ups,  planks, shoulder raise, pull up, chin up, etc. So, this hand gripper has been purposely designed to train them. 

Adjustable to all size hands and arms –

The hand strengthener having an outer diameter of 8 cm and an inner diameter of 2.5 cm is just the optimum size for most common hand sizes across the globe. It can easily fit in large as well as small hands without any constraints.

Quality Material – 

The Wrist squeezer has been made with non- toxic edible grade silicone which is environment-friendly and doesn’t harm the skin of even kids. Elders, young and kids, all can use these soft hand grip strengthener during their free time 





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