Infrared No Touch Thermometer – Digital

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Do measuring your child’s temperature is a nightmare?

Do you find it too difficult to read ordinary thermometers?

Now measuring your child’s temperature shall be a child’s play indeed!

If you are parenting a child, you will agree that taking our baby/toddler’s temperature can be a frustrating task. A lot of times they fidget and won’t hold still for traditional thermometers, making it really difficult to get an accurate reading.

At other times, they’re asleep and the only way for us to take their temperature is to wake them up and good gosh who wants to do that?

The good news is, we are introducing a MUCH better way of taking your baby’s temperature not just more easily, but in a much more hygienic matter (no contact with bodily fluids).


 No more babies crying –

We understand the pain of measuring your child’s temperature as the children get irritated too early to get accurate readings. Simply point the thermometer at your baby’s forehead and click! 

     Multi-Purpose Usage-

    This thermometer can also be used to measure other temperatures from objects, such as food, soups, bathware, drinking water, etc. There is no better way to make sure that nothing is too hot or cold for your baby. 

       Easily readable Large digital display-

       Built-in LED light sensors will show different color zones such as  Green (normal temp), Orange (danger zone) or Red (fever) to let you swiftly know the seriousness of fever and act accordingly.

         Accurate Readings instantly –

        This thermometer uses infrared technology and provides readings in less than 1 second within range of +/- 0.1 Celsius/Fahrenheit without any contact with the body, the readings can be taken from 5-15 cm (2-6 inches) away from the surface.

          QUICK RECAP 


           ✔ Safe for babies & adults
          ✔ Hygienic (No contact, no bodily fluids)
          ✔ Extremely Accurate (+/- 0.1 Celsius or Fahrenheit accuracy)
          ✔ Automatic Fever Indicator
          ✔ It can be used to measure the temperature of other objects such as food, bathwater, drinking water, etc.





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