Leg Resistance Bands  – Made Exclusively For Legs

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Resistance bands have time and again proven their worth for their ability to provide laser-focused training for specific muscle groups where ordinary dumbbells and machines fail.

Leg resistance bands are the one out of them made especially for training legs and booty. These booty bands have been specially crafted with lower body frame in the mind.

Here are some of the features which are unique to leg training bands –

Crafted for the lower body

The pair of resistance bands have been optimized for providing adequate burn to the leg and hip muscles.

Where ordinary resistance tube bands ordinarily come in a minimum length of 100cm, these pairs of hip bands stand at only 30cm to serve the purpose they are made for.


You don’t need to buy anything else

When it comes to leg workout at home, if you buy resistance bands, legs and glute muscles won’t be activated unless you possess a separate door anchor, ankle cuffs.


Further, the lengthier resistance tube bands create a hurdle while doing leg adduction, abduction, hip thrusts, kickbacks, etc.

This exclusive combo of the pair of leg tube bands, two ankle cuffs, and a door anchor is only you would ever need.


Premium Quality

The resistance tube exercise bands have been made with natural latex rubber which has much better elasticity than non-latex (TPE) material.

Further, latex leg resistance bands are environment-friendly and biodegradable.

Ultra-dense nylon straps of door anchor and ankle cuffs make them hard to ignore.


Build your own home gym

These resistance bands for legs weigh only 250 gm and hardly occupies any space in the home.

If you have to travel a lot as part of the job or willingly, these leg pullers will never let you escape workouts on any pretext.



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