60/45cm Massage Foam Roller






Say goodbye to cramps and injuries caused by muscle tightness –

The surfaces of our unique massage foam rollers have been beautifully crafted with honeycomb type hexagon points which put just enough pressure over the muscle fascia without causing extreme discomfort.

Perfect for beginners and medium level athletes –

The massage foam roller has been designed to serve the purpose for beginners and medium level athletes. It doesn’t let you face unbearable pain when pressing over the lumps.

Extremely powerful yet soft and flexible surface –

Our black massage foam rollers are made with EPP material and other rollers are made with EVA material. EVA is somewhat the mix of rubber and foam which is more comfortable than rubber and flexible than foam. EPP is in fact of a better version of foam. Both of these materials are known for their soft texture and resistance to wear and tear.

Lightweight and waterproof for outdoor usage –

As discussed earlier, both materials EVA & EPP are quite similar in properties to the foam which makes them extremely lightweight and water repellent. It is the reason you can carry them anywhere outside without worrying about their condition.

Two sizes to choose for different body sizes –

Our printed massage foam rollers come in two lengths of 60 cm and 45 cm with a diameter of 15cm. Choose the size carefully according to your body frame.






EPP (Black), EVA (others)



Diameter of massage foam roller



Length – 60/45cm


red, orange


Fascia release

Additional information

Weight N/A


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