Multipurpose Push-Up Board – For Chest, Back, Shoulder, Triceps

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Do you workout at home and can’t afford premium gym memberships?

Do you have to travel frequently between the cities or states out of the job compulsions?

There may be several reasons, but the solution is one  – Multipurpose push-ups board system.

Here are some of the unique features of the multipurpose push-ups board system  –

Trains four body parts  –

Though named push board training system, it can train four body parts (chest, shoulder, back, and triceps ) by just changing the positions of the handles along the guided color-coded holes.


The push-up and its several variations are the closed kinetic chain exercises that have proven benefits for improving the stability of the joints and co-ordination among the muscles.

Foldable design for improved portability –

The multipurpose push-ups board measures 640 mm in length, which may be challenging to pack inside the gym bag.


What if we can fold this push-up board from the middle. The same push-ups board is now reduced to half of its original length, making it extremely portable.

Carry it along with, during official tours or family trips, and never give yourself any excuse for missing the workouts.

Saves you hard-earned money –

Just imagine the kind of fitness equipment you would need to train chest, back, triceps, and shoulders muscles.

The dumbbells and barbells for the same would cost you not only hundreds of dollars but also occupy lots of space for people who are living in apartments.

The versatile push-ups board is an ideal replacement for upper body workout routines.

A perfect option for bodyweight workouts –

The push-ups training system is the first choice for bodyweight workouts. The bodyweight workouts are one of the most practical and accessible compound exercises which engage fast twitch and slow twitch fibers simultaneously.

The effectiveness of chest, back, shoulder, and triceps workouts using push-ups board increases manifold due to active engagement of the core and surrounding stabilization muscles.

Color-coded printed push-up board –

The multipurpose push-ups board comes with color-coded guiding paths printed over the training board, which assists the newbies in the perfect placement of handles around the board for increasing the efficiency of the workouts.

Due to the presence of color-coded design, there is hardly any chance left for error.

Relief to the wrist muscles –

The people who do high repetitions of push-ups and their variations every other day often complain about the stiffness of the wrist due to the awkward position of the wrist.

The elevated handles of push-ups training boards make it possible to keep wrist almost straight during bodyweight exercises. As such, the wrist is relieved of the stress developed due to its weak position.


Premium looks and sturdy design –

This heavy-duty push-ups board has been made with ABS plastic, which is the best kind of plastic available for use in high impact applications. Further, the outer covering of the pair of handles has a thick rubber layer.

Rubberized handles of multipurpose push-up training board

As such, these handles are incredibly comfortable while doing exercises. You can do wide push-ups, close-grip push-ups, etc. up to the point of muscle failure without feeling any uneven pressure under the hands.





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