Musical Activity Educational Toy for baby girls and boys

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Looking for a long time finding a complete activity toy package to help little kid learn multiple skills!

Musical Activity Educational Toy is an all-round skill developer for babies with 2 years to 3 years of age range. It makes babies learn about shapes, animals names and sounds, hand & eye co-ordination.

Musical Activity Educational Toy makes your kids spend quality time learning skills with fun rather than spending time on electronic devices. 



  • Develops Hand-Eye Co-ordination
  • Learns about different shapes and animal sounds.
  • Learn musical notes and hand movement control 
  • Educate kids about numbers and simple formulae 

    Let’s understand all the features and skills little babies can learn with this educational toy for kids and toddlers…

    Hand-Eye Coordination  

    Kids have to match the shapes of animals blocks with the different holes on the roof of the hut to be able to put blocks inside the hut. It helps kids focus on their hands to work in coordination with eyes. 

    Learn about animal names and sounds 

    When kids succeed in matching blocks with the holes, the corresponding sound comes matching with the animal blocks, assisting kids to recognize animal sounds.

    Guess the shapes 

    There is one sidewall of hut reserved for exploring the shape of blocks where kids have to put a hand inside the hand though star-shaped rubber cutout to let them feel and guess the shape of the block.

    Learn about math and simple formulas

    There is an abacus for little babies reserved on one side of the hut to let kids learn numbers, counting and plus/minus formulae. 

    Introduction to music notes

    There is a little piano on the side of the infant activity toy which works on eight different sounds and eight songs to provide kids their first-ever exposure to musical notes.

    First Lessons about securing toys 

    To take out the blocks from the hut, kids have to bring out a key from the monkey’s mouth and unlock the door making them think about how to keep toys secured. 






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