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Don’t wait for somebody to massage your paining body parts or depend upon painkillers for recovery!

Massage, as proven scientifically, helps alleviate the pain in the safest ways than consuming pain killers.

Despite knowing the above fact, we hardly do a massage. Rather, we keep consuming tablets to relieve the pain though for a short duration only. The reason is quite simple. We don’t always have family members available to provide massage when required.

Shiatsu neck shoulder and back massager is your personal massager which you can rely upon any time anywhere.


Here are some of the unique benefits –


  • Enjoy a massage in the car with a dedicated adapter.
  • Electric Heat Massager comes with a Rechargeable battery (100 minutes + cordless operation).
  • Get instant recovery in just 15 minutes
  • Use in any season what so ever
  • Use massager on multiple body parts such as the back, waist, legs, buttocks, foot, abdomen.
  • Dedicated touch buttons for grandparents to operate easily
  • High-quality PU material and mesh for maximum ventilation
  • 16 massage heads which relaxes the muscles much faster.
  • Shiatsu Body massager comes with automated temperature control to avoid overheating. 


Bonus heating for fast healing – 

Electric infrared heat body massager comes with the mild heating effect which speeds up the process of healing by increasing blood circulation in the affected area. 

All body parts get covered – 

Unlike counterparts that are specifically designed for individual one or two body parts at max, this multipurpose electric neck shoulder and back massager can be applied to all body parts saving you money and space.

Use in all seasons – 

The electric massage machine due to a dedicated button for heating can be used in summer as well by just switching OFF the heating.

Adapts to your needs – 

The neck and shoulder massager comes with a simplistic control panel having an ON/OFF heating button along with a dedicated button for doing positive/negative massage.

Further, a separate touch button has been provided to change the intensity of the massage to 3 different levels as per your needs. 

Use while traveling – 

The fact that back massager comes with rechargeable batteries for cordless operation, makes it possible to use while traveling, in the park, or in-home watching favorite shows thanks to the noiseless motor. 

Built For Durability – 

This massager has been made with top-grade PU leather and breathable mesh for ventilation and maximum comfort. The carbon fiber massage heads add to the longevity. 

Suitable for elders and kids –

The touch control buttons are smartly placed on one side of the electric back massager which are easily accessible. Further, each button performs only one function making it super simplistic. 


Switch ON/OFF the heating depending upon the season. Decide the speed and direction of massage by pressing dedicated buttons and you are ready for relaxing massage. 



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