New Durable Hip Circle Band Yoga Anti-slip Gym Fitness Rubber Band Exercises Braided Elastic Band Hip Lifting Resistance Band


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Legs are often being given
least priority in fitness routine. Surprisingly, legs are often completely
ignored by novice fitness enthusiasts while overtraining upper body.

Give legs their due attention
by using these anti slip mini loop resistance bands. Use cotton fabric to train
your smaller muscle groups for stabilization along with bigger muscle groups
such as quadriceps and hamstrings.


DOESNT SLIP DURING EXERCISE – The common issue with
booty resistance bands made out of latex/non-latex is that they don
t have any handle or anchoring arrangement for tightening
over specific body part. As a result, hip mini resistance bands tend to slip
under tension from their original position while doing squats, side and front
leg raise thereby reducing effectiveness of exercise resulting in frequent

These anti slip mini loop resistance bands are
made with the mixture of polyester (a cloth fabric) and latex. The polyester
prevents slipping by providing a rough surface while latex retains elasticity.

– Whether you are interested in bodybuilding or general fitness or Yoga/Pilates,
it confidently slips in to all the above spaces with ease. Use these abductor
exercise bands to perform bodyweight exercises or in combination with
dumbbells.  Extra wide mini strength
bands comes with three different levels of fitness -Beginner, Medium and
Advanced for all body types.

PORTABLE – These anti-skid mini loop resistance bands weighs only few grams and
occupies negligible space in your travel bag. Now you can
t excuse yourself from workout for not having gym
facilities in your reach while on the go.

DOENT CAUSES SKIN IRRITATION – Ordinary rubber latex
resistance bands when wrapped around the hand, legs or waist causes
discomfort/irritation due to constant rubbing of latex rubber against skin
causing serious skin allergies in people sensitive to latex. These polyester
mix flat loop workout bands are soft on skin due to the use of cloth fabric
thereby helping you maintain efficient form for best results.

GAURATEED – Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and we don
t hesitate in admitting that we provide 30 days
money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of product. Just
mail us @ and we shall resolve the issue within 24 hours.

We provide 24/7 customer service
with free shipping with doorstep delivery for every corner of the world.  



– Material : Polyester
cotton + latex

– Blue Size: 76*8cm,
Pink: 76*8cm, Purple Size:76*8cm

– Net Bag Size: 20*17cm

– Size – Small, Medium,



– Package content:

– 1 Set Anti Slip Loop
Resistance Band

– 1 Net bag

– 1 Instruction manual


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