Thick non-slip yoga exercise black mat

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Tear resistant non slip thick yoga mat




✔?Waterproof material that doesn’t get spoiled with moisture.

✔?Heat resistant fabric, perfect for outdoor conditions.

✔?10mm extra thick exercise mat for heavyweight exercises.

✔?Anti-slip lining for an improved grip of hands and feet.

✔?Made heavier to prevent lifting of the mat during exercises.

✔?Cloth edges for better feel and durability.


 Tear resistant non slip thick yoga mat

Here are some of the advantages associated with the thick non-slip yoga exercise mat –



Improved gripping surface for yogic exercises-


The yogis can well understand the pain points of doing deep stretches where you need to reposition feet often due to the slippery surface of ordinary mats.

Thick non-slip yoga mat

The yoga mat has intentionally been designed with graded lines all over the surface to prevent skidding of hands and feet during exercises such as downward dog, runner’s lunge, pyramid pose.


Extra thick surface for deep stretches and exercises


Extra thick non-slip yoga mat

How many times you had folded the mat two or even three times its original length to improve the cushion for specific exercises such as handstands, knee push-ups, and elbow press-ups. Thanks to the extra thick grippy yoga mats with 10mm thickness.  It won’t let you feel the pressure no matter how intense your exercise is.



Cloth edges to prevent wear and tear from the sides


Cloth covered thick non slip yoga mat

The whole yoga mat has been covered with the high-quality cloth fabric from all sides to prevent cracking of rubber from the edges during rough handling. Furthermore, it gives your eyes and hands a smoother feel and looks.

Tear resistant non slip thick yoga mat

The cloth fabric is tested clinically for tearing under strict laboratory trials.


Heavier material to prevent lifting of the mat during intense workout moves


It is often seen that while doing high-intensity exercises such as weighted lunges, sumo squats, and deep stretches, the ordinary yoga mats tend to lift from the ground. It ruins the overall experience of workout and affects muscle-mind connection. This bodybuilding mat with straps weighs at 800gm and doesn’t come off the ground under pressure no matter how strenuous exercises you perform.









NRB (Odourless)



Thickness of exercise mat







Yoga, pilates, gym, camping

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