Ankle Straps For Resistance Bands and Cable Machine | Legs workout




Fuel your existing resistance band exercises and cable machines with high quality non-slipping Ankle Straps For Resistance Bands with dual grip design for most variations of exercises possible. Here is what you get with these performances oriented Ankle Straps For Gym…


  • Best suited for glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. Possibilities are endless with weight training ankle cuffs.
  • Dual grip along the ankle helps maintain the Resistance Bands Anchor in its position while performing exercises whereas other ordinary counterparts with single strap slip making exercises less effective.
  • Exercises such as Leg curls, Leg extensions, Leg side raise, Leg front raise, hip abductors and running oriented variations for athletes makes Ankle Straps For Resistance Bands an ideal choice for athletes and body builders alike.
  • Strong metal welded D rings have been used with optional provision of 4 D rings per ankle strap to let you try all variations possible for leg exercises front, side and backwards.
  • Padded material for preventing straps from rubbing over the skin and high grade nylon straps used in Cable Ankle Straps can easily handle the stress for all levels of exercises depending upon individual fitness level


  1. It is advisable to go for 4 D rings per ankle strap design as these detachable ankle straps lets you take maximum advantage out of this product.
  2. This Leg attachment can be used only with resistance bands and cable machines which are not included in this pack.


Material – Nylon, PP, Metal rings
Application – Leg and Hips exercises


One pair of Ankle Straps For Resistance Bands with carrying bag


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