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The power loop resistance bands are one of the most versatile resistance bands in the market as of now.

These strength bands are popular for their very high resistance up to the range of 120lbs due to their thickness.

The heavy resistance offered by these high-quality bands makes them an ideal candidate for bodyweight exercises.

Now, buy power loop resistance bands with confidence.


Here are some of the unique benefits offered by these pull up assist bands –


Assists you in performing exercises you couldn’t perform earlier –


The major benefit that these premium resistance bands offer is their ability to support the bodyweight partially and fully as well. Now you can practice exercises such as handstand, pull-ups, etc thereby slowly building stamina over time.

Perform Calisthenics – 

Calisthenics exercises are entirely based on body weight. And it takes time to train muscles to bear bodyweight and these pull up workout bands assist you to perform those bodyweights exercises as a beginner. They can provide resistance in range from 5lbs to 120lbs.

Couple with dumbbells and barbells –

These power workout loop bands are known to increase maximum strength and helps you recover sticking point. When these bands are coupled with barbells, they provide benefits of both bands and barbells and help you increase maximum resistance you can bear.

Good for Yoga, Pilates, and Stretching – 

It is not only fit for advanced bodybuilders, but it also helps in deep stretching of hamstring, quadriceps, triceps, making them an inherent part of Yoga and Pilates as well.

100 % Natural Latex – 


It is made of 100 % natural latex drawn from rubber trees. It is fully biodegradable and saves the environment. Further, natural latex is known for better elasticity and longevity than non- latex material used in some other cheap resistance bands.

Trains all muscle groups –

You can perform chest press, shoulder press, triceps, biceps curl, pull up, chin up and many more. Just explore the possibilities for power loop resistance bands.





Specifications of power loop resistance band




Power Loop Resistance Band – 1 no.

Packaging Box- 1 no.



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