Rechargeable Nail Clipper For Pets – Electric Nail Trimmer For Cats Dogs

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Do you struggle while cutting pet nails?

Do your pet hates and runs away seeing you coming to cut nails!

Then this pet rechargeable nail clipper for pets is the ideal choice which turns your job in to a child’s play.

Here are the benefits you will love to know about the Electric Nail Trimmer for Cats Dogs ..…


Won’t hurt the pet at all- Conventional Pet Nail Cutters often cuts nails too short and cuts blood veins inside the nails of the cats which is not fair to innocent pets. Cat Nail Trimmer grinds from outer sharp edges of nails and hence won’t hurt.
Don’t skip your shows – Now, sensitive pet won’t afraid off the noise coming out the Dog Nail Grinder. Thanks to super mute motor and padded covering. Its least irritating for kids and family. Pass your time just as you were doing earlier.
Turns hours of work into minutes-  Considering the way your pet is comfortable with this smooth dog nails cutter means you won’t spend time forcibly handling irritated pet, making the job super easy and time efficient.
Fit for all pets and paw sizes-  This pet nail grinder is fit for cat, small & medium dog breed, rabbit, guinea pig, Hamster & bird. The pet nail trimmer has three size openings in the grinder area for different sized nails trimming. Choose the suitable setting.
No need to look for power supply-  Electric Nail Trimmer for Cats Dogs includes rechargeable batteries which can be charged with the help of USB cable provided with the pack. Once charged, it can be used continuously for up to 4 hours. Now cut nails anywhere in park or while travelling.
Very Low maintenance -Clean in seconds Just a soft towel is enough to remove the dirt stricken on grinding stone of rechargeable nail clipper for pets. First, touch soft towel when grinding stone has started rotating and then use a tissue to clean again after job completion. Its effectiveness turns back to original.


– First decide the size of opening for grinding stone depending upon the size of your pet
– Keep Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmer at 45 degree to the plane of nails. It, then, gently removes thin layers of the nail with low noise and low vibration .


Input Voltage- 100-240V AC
Frequency- 50/60HZ
Output  5V, 350MA
Charging USB Port
Battery Rechargeable
Color Black and White


USB Cable- 1 No.
User Manual –  1 NO.
Packaging Box-  1 No.
Rechargeable Nail Clipper For Pets  1 No.


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