Resistance Band Handle – Heavy Duty | Soft Silicone Grip | All Size

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Going for resistance bands without accessories restricts the usability of these flexible exercise bands to a great extent.

Especially if you own power loop resistance bands and tube resistance bands, there is a wide variety of accessories in the market out of which resistance band handle is the most basic requirement which you can’t miss to afford.


Premium Quality

Use of inner ABS plastic tube besides high-density nylon strap makes this resistance band attachment suitable for all heavy-duty applications by the beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes. The high-quality steel D ring is the icing on the cake.

Non-Slip Comfortable Grip

Diligent use of sheath made of soft silicone with inbuilt grooves/threads made over the handles make sure that you don’t lose grip even while using tightest resistance bands, ensuring the comfortable grip without disrupting the momentum of exercise. The wide and thick handles with 5.5 inches length fit nicely in all possible hand sizes.

Heavy Duty Companion

This resistance band handle is made with industrial-strength Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which is super durable and robust plastic made for heavy-duty jobs. Thick woven nylon webbing and heavy-duty stitching ensure longevity.

Further, resistance band handles have been thoroughly tested and can withstand loads up to 250KG.

Compatible to Vast Variety of Machines

This soft resistance band handles works not only with resistance bands but also with cable machines in the gym. Doing lat pulldown, rowing, chest press, chest fly, biceps, triceps, and various other exercises is way more comfortable with resistance band handle attachment.


Fit for all sizes

Whether you have bigger hands or smaller hands, these pair of resistance band handles fits sneakily. Larger and broader than regular workout handles ensure that your hands remain free from soreness. The length of 5.5 inches is just about perfect for all hand sizes.






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