Stainless Steel Skipping Rope

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Working out outdoor as well as indoor conditions is a winning combination that makes redundant routines much more interesting and keeps you encouraged to continue the regime! 

The high-quality Stainless Steel Skipping Rope rightly fits in that space

It is a must-have accessory in your bag for all your outdoor as well as indoor exercises….

Check out some highlights about the Stainless steel skipping rope

Enjoy outdoor or indoor – 

This skipping rope weighing only 120gm is durable and easy to carry anywhere.

The Cross Jump Rope can be packed in any ordinary gym bag and lets you carry effective legs, shoulders cardio skipping workout in open spaces, parks or in comfort of your home/ while traveling. 

Adjusts to your height – 

The Stainless Steel Skipping Rope has been smartly designed keeping in the view the varying height from person to person. 

This Skip training rope includes 2 no. sliding screws which let you adjust the length of rope according to your height. Whether you are tall or short, you can adjust their length accordingly.

Puts less stress on wrists – 

Two-handle provided for holding the rope at the ends of steel cable jump rope comes with a rotary ball bearing underneath which lets the rope sweep 360 degrees without the need to rotate wrist in the same proportion.

It makes skipping the rope super comfortable and lasting.

Super Fast Skipping speed –

The ball bearings used in the handles of speed jump rope make the movement of rope through the handling bearings ultra-smooth resulting in super-fast skipping for intense cardio sessions.

Anti Slip Handles – 

The aluminum alloy handles though made of metal, are not slippery due to the textured design on the surface of the handles making Jump Rope easier to grip without any accidental slippage while skipping. 

Highly Durable – 

The ordinary skipping ropes are made of rubber/PVC which cracks or gets loosened over time whereas the stainless steel skipping rope doesn’t crack or loosens under pressure. 

Rotary Bearing Jump Rope further comes with PVC coating to avoid any injury, making it super durable. 



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