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Any exercise equipment is not worth it if it can’t assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Right!

The best exercise equipment has the ability to recreate or simulate those real-life sports movements to provide highly focussed fitness training like these Swimming Resistance Bands with paddle fins.


Here are some of the unique features provided by exercise swimming cord –

1. Simulates actual swimming strokes



The position of hands, wrist and strength of the upper body while streamlining the lower body plays a crucial role in swimming.

These swim bands come with two paddles to keep your hands straight just like we do while swimming and lets you perform actual swimming strokes of the butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle swimming with added resistance similar to the real water.


2. Increases your maximum power

The resistance bands have the unique capability of increasing resistance as they stretch from their original position and this fact is known to increase maximum power for pro athletes.

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3. Provides progressive resistance for significant gains

If you are in fitness for a while, you may already know the importance of progressive overload.

These dryland swimming arm trainers come in 5 color-coded resistance levels from 20 pounds to 60 pounds.

As you develop strength, you may start switching to higher resistance levels for some incredible gains.


4. Dryland training anytime, anywhere

It is not always possible to have a swimming pool accessible to you, especially if you are doing a full-time job and includes lots of traveling.

Even, professionals also need to add a high-intensity simulated environment on dry land to enhance performance during competitions. 

These customized swimming pool resistance bands are the perfect option to try.


5. Premium Quality



The ordinary latex resistance bands are not moisture resistant, especially considering the chlorine used in swimming pools.

Check out this article – Latex vs Non-Latex Resistance bands which material resistance band to choose?.

That’s the reason, the resistance band ropes have been made with TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) which is way more water-resistant. Swimming paddles have been made with quality PTE material with ultra-dense polypropylene straps at the other end.



It is recommended to purchase a combo of two different resistance levels of dry land swimming strokes trainer provide progressive resistance as your strength increases over time. 






Choose 20-pound yellow color swimming resistance arm trainer band for kids, and 40 to 60 pounds swim bands for adults.


There is a yellow color ultra-dense strap provided on the other side of the resistance tubes.

Fix that strap around the pole or use any door anchor attachment if the pole is not accessible.


Place your hands inside swimming fins like paddle, move at an appropriate distance from the anchor point to feel the stretch and start simulating the actual swimming strokes.  

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